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Screen 103

Notes: Before you create a vendor, perform a name search todetermine that the vendor does not already exist. The system will not update the vendor if it is flaggedas deleted or dropped. If a vendor has more than one remit-to address, you may create up to 10 records for the vendor. Use the last digit of the vendor number to distinguish the record for a primary address (which must end in 0) from the records for the vendor's other addresses.

  1. In the Action/Context Line, you must enter a vendor number in the Vend field. If you are creating a vendor, you can either assign a vendor number of your choice or use the Automatic Number Assignment feature. To use this feature, enter a letter (other than Z) followed by 0 (zero) in the Vend field. Press ENTER.If you are creating a vendor, the system will respond,"ID not on file," indicating that the vendor number isnew. If you used the Automatic Number AssignmentFeature, the system assigns the next available number.
  2. The formal name of the vendor in the Vendor Name field.
  3. Enter the remit-to address information.

All other fields are optional. If you need more instructions on how to use thisscreen, go to the "SCREEN" field and press F2 for online help.

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