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Screen 027

Notes: This is part 1 of a 2 part transaction inquiry sc screen. Search criteria are entered on this screen (027) and the results are reviewed on the 2nd part of this transaction screen shown below.
  1. Enter the 6-digit or 10-digit account number for which you want transaction information.
  2. Enter the search criteria (account, subcode ranges, transaction dates, batch reference, etc.) You do not have to enter all these fields; just enter what you are seeking. The asterisk '*' is a wild card, so for instance if you wanted to see all subcodes that begin with the digit 1 you would enter 1*** or perhaps you would like to see all your purchase orders that start with a "D" you would then enter D****** as your search element.

Below is what Part 2 looks like when you hit ENTER after inputting all your search criteria on Part 1.

Notice that each record on the page has 2 rows associated with it. Below is a list of each row and the fields that are found on them:


  1. Acct No. = 10-digit account number, TC=3-digit transaction code, Date=batch date, Description=transaction description, Amount=transaction amount, Ind=Indicator (see screen 023 for a complete description).
  2. Date Posted= Actual date that the transaction affected the account, Batch=Batch reference associated with the transaction, Ref1 & REF2 & REF3= Further descriptive data, Offset Acct=2nd account that may be involved with the transaction, ID=Transaction ID, which gives more information on the transaction.



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