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Screen 023

Notes: This screen holds the current and previous months transactions. For earlier transactions use the FRS FOCUS transaction file. Specify a six-digit account in the "ACCT" field provides transactions for any subcode; specifying a ten digit account provides transactions for that subcode only. You may use either a GL or SL in this screen.

  • SUB= Subcode of the transaction. For a description of the subcode, see Screen 19.
  • TC= Transaction code. There is a guide to Transaction codes on Page 6-24 of this manual.
  • REF1= A document reference number, such as a P.O. number or JVnumber, or a TV number.
  • DATE= This is NOT necessarily the date that the transaction was posted. This could be the date that the batch was created, but it could have been fed to the system on a later day. Use screen 027 to see the true transaction date when a transaction affected the account.
  • DESCRP= The description of the transaction - a vendor name,employee name or explanation of a journal entry.
  • I= This stands for "Indicator" and the value depends on the nature of the transaction, whether it is an expense or not. For expense transactions, the indicator tells the system what to do with encumbrances if they exist for the 10-digit account and reference used in the transaction. A value of "P" will partially liquidate an encumbrance in the amount of the transaction, an "F" will close out the encumbrance, regardless of its balance, and an "N" will leave the encumbrance alone. A blank is also possible and it acts like a "P". For non-expense transactions, like encumbrances and budget adjustments, you will see blanks or "D" for debits, and "C" for credits.
  • BATCH= Batch reference which posted the transcation.
  1. Enter 6-digit or 10-digit account number

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