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FRS Transaction Codes

These 3-digit transaction codes appear on FRS screens 23 & 27 as well as on the monthly Report of Transactions. They describe the type of activity that has affected your account.

The first two digits of the transaction code are the most significant
02x Entries affect the Budget columns on your reports and screens.
03x, 04x, & 06x Entries affect the Actual columns on your reports and screens.
05x Entries affect the Open Commitment columns on your reports and screens.
Code Type of Transaction Responsible Departments
02x Budgets Budget and Grants & Contracts
03x Cash Receipts Bursar
04x Cash Disbursements Accounts Payable and Payroll (040)
05x Encumbrances/P.O.'s Purchasing
06x Journal Entry Accounting, Central Stores for their T.V.'s, Accounts Payable (068)

The third digit of the transaction code tells the specific transaction type within the category.
Category/Responsible Area Code Transaction Type
BUDGETS 020 Permanent Budget; New or established at start of FY
Budget Office & 021 Permanent Budget; Records permanent changes to a budget
Office of Sponsored Programs 022 One-time Budget Allocation; Debit & Credit transaction
026 Prior Year Carry-forward Budget for carried forward encumbrances; Ledger 2's
028 Prior Year Budget
029 Future Year Budget - do NOT show up in current year budgets.
RECEIPTS 030 Cash Receipts
Bursar's Office 031 Interagency Transfers
032 Local Accounts Cash Receipts
DISBURSEMENTS 040 Payroll Interface
Account Payable & Payroll Offices 041 Journal Disbursement; 1-sided JV with cash as the offset. Used primarily by the Accounting Department.
  042 Service Transfer Invoice; STI's not paid by check. When paid by check the trancode is 032.
  043 Travel Reimbursement Process
  044 Fringe Benefit Adjustments for specified Payrolls
  048 System feed from Accnts Payable Module to Financial Accounting Module
ENCUMBRANCES 050 Purchase Order Create - feed from Purchasing
Purchasing (050 & 051) & Accounting 051 Purchase Order Modify - feed from Purchasing
052 Salaries, Benefits and Workers Compensation
053 Purchase Order Modify - via Accounting
056 Prior Year Carry-forward Encumbrances
059 Travel or Departmental Encumbrances
JOURNAL ENTRIES 060 Accounting Journal Voucher/Entry
Accounting Office 062 Accounting Journal Voucher, Bypass Freeze Flag  
068 Accounts Payable Feed - Invoices & Reimbursements Paid
  069 Compound Journal Entry


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