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Completed Service Requests

Status FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Canceled AR-001 Create Accounts Receivable screens in FRS. 908   M. Dexter
Completed AR-002 A/R is seeking record detail from reports J1536M10 & J1536M11 of the SARS system. Data to be placed in an EXCEL pivot table. 10001   M. Dexter
Completed AR-003 Convert Production of 5 VENFAC reports to Control-D: J1530R01, J1543R01, J1543R03, J1543R05, J1543R07 10004 8/21/09 J. Mandeville
Completed AR-004

SARS monthend report needed for ending balances

Completed AR-005 Modify J9621S01 for inclusion of SSN w/o dashes and Student Id # w/o dashes.      
Completed AR-006 Place J1549R01, step 4, onto Control-D. 10018 6/9/10 K.Avery
Completed AR-007 J1536R31-change rundate to coincide with FRS monthend reporting date and include a total on the report. 10103   D.Weingart
Completed AR-008 J1543R01-change rundate to coincide with FRS monthend report date. 10104   D.Weingart
Completed AR-009 Add Trancodes CAM2 & TOW2 to job J1528M01 10105 04/23/10 D.Weingart
Completed AR-010 Create a clone of J1536R31 to run daily, add a summary page to the report and sort by GL# 10106 06/10/10 D.Weingart
Completed AR-011 Execute the focexec AR1325B on a daily basis and place the report on Control-D as "DLY AR BAL 1325" 10020 06/29/10 M.Dexter / K.Avery
Completed AR-012 Change SARS/VENFAC batch schedule 2WDOM to upload rents as they become due instead of one month in advance. 10107 8/5/10 D.Weingart
Completed AR-013 Remove "Library Credits" from input to VENFAC and display on separate page for reports J1526M01 & J1526M02. 11101 09/15/10 D.Weingart
Completed AR-014 Replace current AR1325 focexec with ARDAILY focexec 11001 8/10/10 M.Dexter
Completed AR-015 Revise mailing address for payments on Venfac statements   07/20/10 K.Avery
Completed AR-016 Modify J1543R01 to include all customers with outstanding invoices, even if future dated, and unapplied payments 11103 12/2/10 D. Weingart
Completed AR-018 Include negative charges on job# J1536R15 11105 08/18/10 D.Weingart
Completed AR-019 Add trancode WTL2 to J1528R01-faculty rent-SARS71 report - include negative pymnts. 11106 12/6/10 D.Weingart
Completed AR-020 Add Trancode WTL2 11107 1/19/11 D.Weingart
Completed AR-022 Extend Balance column on J1532R01 & J1532R02 (remove the 3 verticle OGL centerlines from form). 11110 3/25/11 D.Weingart
Canceled AR-025 Mass change of FRS accounts on open parking ticket receivables.   6/15/11 D.Weingart
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Resolved By
Completed FA-001 Delete PO Authorizations on screen 002 (3 lines). N/A 3/12/99 C.B.McEvitt
Completed FA-002 Duplicate entries for June found on D95LYF09 file. N/A 3/11/99 C.Tomecko
Completed FA-003 J1903R01 -reduce print copy to 1 99009 9/10/99 N. Hyer
Completed FA-004 J9664M10 - reprogramming of Exception Report 98063 8/30/99 N. Hyer
Completed FA-005 J9652R01 & J9664M50 -Discontinue printing 98601 & 98602 8/12/99 J.Mandeville
Completed FA-006 J9662R20, J9672R20, J9672R21, J9670M70 -Discontinue printing 99100 8/12/99 J.Mandeville
Completed FA-007 Place repeats on screens 90,91,92 & 11 N/A 3/24/99 C.B.McEvitt
Completed FA-008 J9630M01, J9650M03, J9651M01 -Reduce print copies to 1 98604 8/12/99 J.Mandeville
Canceled FA-009 Place scrolling options on screen 21, 102, 118….make like 23 (SCT?) 99712   Sending RPE to SCT
Completed FA-010 Cleared checks for Bank 15 N/A 6/4/99 C.B.McEvitt
Completed FA-011 Carry June, July, August old year transactions for currrent FY. 98044 8/9/99 N. Hyer
Canceled FA-012 Need to enter voided check info into Laser Check system for Fleet N/A   Include in RFP for new Software.
Completed FA-013 Establish daily transmission from Laser Checks for bank 17 N/A 11/12/99 C.B.McEvitt
Completed FA-014 Create a new focus field for D9530F09 for offset account. 99720 1/11/00 D.Kolb
Completed FA-015 Display CPU date on screen 027 99158 09/15/01 M. Dexter
Completed FA-016 Discontinue printing J9670M70, reduce print copies of J9662R11 to 2 99159 12/9/99 N. Hyer
Completed FA-017 Microfich FBD019 99704 11/15/99 N. Hyer
Completed FA-018 Modify FRS pgm FBY002 to cease setting delete flags on prior year project accts, or, reverse the flag settings after running FBY002 (J9670M02) 99724 06/15/00 J. Gineo
Canceled FA-019 Bank 17 reconcilliation jobs need to be set up.      
Canceled FA-020 Modify J9615M07, VBM094, to reflect banks 15 & 17...only shows bank04   10/17/00  
Completed FA-021 Modify escheatment process 01704 03/22/01 M. Dexter
Completed FA-022 Need to improve performance of Bank01 reconcilliation job. 01722 07/16/01 M. Dexter
Completed FA-023 Create new memo bank 18 jobs. 01741 03/04/02 K. Avery
Completed FA-024 Modify J9655R01 to add transaction detail for unprocessed reviewable FA sessions. 02708 06/12/03 M. Dexter
Completed FA-025 Screen changes N/A 07/31/04 C.McEvitt
Completed FA-028 Create a focus program that will allow Accounts Receivable to type in a 10-digit account# and a venfac trancode will be displayed. Also, will allow a report of all the venfac trancodes to be created.     C.McEvitt
Completed FA-026 Build 060 interface from Transportation to FRS N/A 01/02/04 C.McEvitt
Canceled FA-028 Build a Focus database for recording Departmental deposits by Acctng Cashier's Office - need sync machine for multi-user access. Programs needed to create nightly batch feed to FRS. 04708   M. Dexter/C.McEvitt
Completed FA-030 Create notification email of accounts in deficit to responsible person (Kim Mason) N/A 06/14/05 C.McEvitt
Canceled FA-031 Dis-allow 3500 reallocation quirks in PROCARD-need a list of unallowed values from Bruce. 05711   M. Dexter
Completed FA-032 Run VBM093 on month-end with option ="L" in addition to job J9607R01, which is already being run. Output must be placed on Control-D, available to Contr, SAFRS, ACCT. 05716   K. Avery
Completed FA-033 Automate nightly pickup of OLTV transaction file. 07705   M. Dexter
Completed FA-034 Create a July 9th focus file copy of D9530F14 & D9530F15 for June, FY09 data 09018 07/12/09 M. Dexter
Completed FA-036 Create focus files D953MF13, D953MF14 & D953MF15 for YTD monthly data as of month end close. Each month these files will be overlaid with the new YTD data for that particular monthend allowing accountants to report against the F14 & F15 files as of the monthend processing date. 10017


M. Dexter
Completed FA-037 Development of batch file interface for Locksmith services and a report of current FRS codes. 11006 02/03/12 C.McEvitt
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date


BR-001 Retrieve real-time balances from SL accts for use in the new A-1 workflow application. 09009   B.Gerber/K.Avery
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Resolved By
Completed AP-001 J9561R11, J9607R10, J9567M10 -Discontinue printing 98614 8/12/99 J. Mandeville
Canceled AP-002 Spool Jobs (see detail) to individual CMS accounts (see detail) 98619 4/23/99 A/P
Completed AP-003 Vouchers for Bank 20 should override any net vendor terms Conversion problem N/A 5/5/99 C.B.McEvitt
Completed AP-004 On Screen 103 the Tax Hold field, VN070, should only contain DRS' or 'IRS' N/A 4/9/99 C.B.McEvitt
Completed AP-005 In 1099/1042 code area, place an "E" for vendors starting with an 'E' N/A 4/26/99 C.B.McEvitt
Completed AP-006 Reduce or Discontinue printing of Jobs (see detail) N/A 7/1/99 J. Mandeville
Completed AP-007 Change program PBR160 to include additional fields 99518 7/19/99 N. Hyer
Completed AP-008 Change program VBY100 to include additional fields 99139 7/8/99 N. Hyer
Completed AP-009 Reduce printing on step 5, job J9665M02 to one copy; discont. Step 6 N/A 11/19/99 N. Hyer
Completed AP-010 Display field FA060 data on screens ORI, OR3, 1R1, 1R3 99707 12/06/01 C.B.McEvitt/M.Dexter
Canceled AP-011 Carry vndr name, address & tax hold over from 103 to 167, 168, 169, 170 99708    
Canceled AP-012 Carry Purchase Order # from screen 220 to reference # on screen 026. 99709 5/15/02 SCT
Canceled AP-013 Screen 230 date change to be required & make fields PR030,031,032 work on Screen 239 99710 5/15/02 C.B.McEvitt
Canceled AP-014 Print voucher description fields from 167-170 on check stubs.      
Canceled AP-015 Screen 118; need sort capability by voucher number & check number      
Completed AP-016 Discontinue printing J9616M01 99185 9/24/99 J. Clark
Cancel AP-017 Put Page breaks in for each vendor name change J9619M01, M05, M06 99184    
Completed AP-018 Create screen 24K and have it operate the same as 240 N/A 8/18/99 C.B.McEvitt
Completed AP-019 Progrmming to populate VN167 & VN168 on scr 205 w/ data from scr 103 99186 10/12/99 C.B.McEvitt
Completed AP-020 Progrmming to populate VN062 on scr 240 w/ data from scr 103 99187 9/15/99 C.B.McEvitt
Completed AP-021 Discontinue printing J9567M10, J9607R01, J9605M12, M22, M32, M42 99188 9/27/99 J. Clark
Completed AP-022 Add Focus jobs J9530S32, S34, S35 to Month end schedule 99701 10/1/99 N. Hyer
Completed AP-023 Put J9607R01 on daily schedule, but sort by vendor name only 99702 10/4/99 J. Clark
Completed AP-024 Add FOB terms to screen 24K N/A 10/1/99 C.B.McEvitt
Completed AP-025 Laser Printing of 1999 1099 Misc Forms 99703    
Canceled AP-026 Edit J9612M11 to pull vendor information from the vendor table VNRT      
Completed AP-027 Place VN167 & VN168 on screen 24K N/A 2/28/00 C.B.McEvitt
Completed AP-028 Create 2 new screens, 1A4 & 1A8, similar to 104 & 108 w/ repeating fields N/A 3/22/00 C.B.McEvitt/M.Dexter
Completed AP-029 Review logic behind screen 203 for assigning the foreign country code to a check for mainframe check printing file.   10/10/01 T. Decristafano
Completed AP-030 Place J9564R11 on the daily (m-thurs), Friday, Sunday, monthend, yearend schedules w/ VN185 as the pointer. (PBR160) 00722 7/02/01 K. Avery
Completed AP-031 Create a Focexec to report on 1099 vendors that have a code of 2 & chk date is current calendar year. N/A 6/05/00 C.B.McEvitt
Completed AP-032 Web-page application for external vendors to lookup payment status on invoices. 00738 11/28/01 J. Masso
Canceled AP-033 Alternative manual check process. N/A    
Completed AP-034 Print correct receipt date on the Invoice voucher form for the C017. 01711 6/22/01  
Completed AP-035 Write a focexec to change the VN062 field for Active vendors from "Y" to "I" 02711 11/06/02 C.McEvitt/M.Dexter
Completed AP-036 Use reviewable sessions to process pymnts. Screens 1A4 & 1A8. 02709   C.McEvitt/M.Dexter
Completed AP-037 Progrm modification to VBY100 1099 Misc. Processing for taxes being withheld. 02710 01/03 M.Dexter
Completed AP-038 Streamline the process to automate vouchers for the financial aid studenet clearing account. N/A 11/05/02 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-039 Develop a flat file to upload to FRS for large volumn refunds. N/A 04/09/03 C.McEvitt
Canceled AP-040 Screen 104 modifications N/A    
Completed AP-041 FRS program VBU040 is needed to be put into Production to synchronize the vendor file with the vendor cross-reference file. 03705 09/04/03



Completed AP-042 Exclude voided checks from following escheatment job output: J9621S01, J1623M27, J9621S02, J9621R03 for all banks. VO064 (void flag)=1. 03706 12/19/03 M.Dexter
Completed AP-043 Installation of PayBase32 for check printing. N/A 05/01/03 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-045 Automate the creation of Upward Bound checks. N/A 07/23/03 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-046 Automate the creation of Medical Insurance checks. N/A 08/27/03 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-047 Automate the creation of Utility checks. N/A 09/30/03 C.McEvitt
Canceled AP-048 Edit J9650R05 to print vouchers and batch headers for POs that start with the letter "Q". Activity against bank 20. 03715   K. Avery
Completed AP-049 Add new EFT fields to the FOCUS masterfile descriptions (D9530F14, D9530F25 & D9530F26) 04702 10/13/04 M.Dexter
Completed AP-050 Develop a worksheet and focexec to create the miscellaneous payment list. N/A 07/19/03 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-051 Develop a worksheet and focexec to create the fellowship payments. N/A 08/03/04 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-052 Modify J9655R01, Reviewable Session Report, to exclude batches with approval ID 4669 or Status=P from being listed on the report. 04711 07/22/04 C.McEvitt
Cancel AP-053 Disallow ACH transaction from any bank acct to itself. 04715   M.Dexter
Cancel AP-054 Replace FASER & automate utility payments. Also create a feed of utility data for OPM. 04723    
Completed AP-055 Develop voucher/invoice interface between Law School Library and AP   07/06/2006 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-056 Create focexec for Officials & Services Rendered that will mirror the Fellowship focexec with some minor changes. N/A 10/01/04 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-057 Update negative receiving report N/A 12/22/04 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-058 Focus report for vendor retention months N/A 02/15/06 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-059 Modify EFT extract file , voucher description field, to input the word "credit" in the last 6 bytes for credit vouchers.      
Completed AP-060 Purge all "T" vendors with no activity on screen 114 from FRS. N/A 04/06/05 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-061 Nathan Hale - Campus Associates Inter. N/A 10/10/06 C.McEvitt
Cancel AP-062 Add record count to the UCONN vendor file created for DRS 05712   M.Dexter
Completed AP-063 Refund Focexec - Add Input Window N/A 03/14/06 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-064 UPS/Athletics Interface N/A 06/05/06 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-065 Outstanding Voucher Report for menu N/A 08/18/06 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-066 Daily Campus Interface N/A 08/25/06 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-067 Add values for VN182 to be used with ACH/EFT check writing process. Values maybe blank, DD or XX N/A 10/24/06 C.McEvitt
Completed AP-069 Reporting Special Taxes that Uconn needs to report. 10011 01/08/09 K.Avery
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Resolved By
Completed BU-001 J9555S01 -Spool job to Budget18 in addition to Conadm02 99096 8/12/99 J. Mandeville
Completed BU-002 Change FT083 to A08 from YYMD. N/A 3/22/99 D.Kolb
Completed BU-003 Set FRS TEST system to point to a TEST ABR table. 00727 11/07/00 G.Ceccarelli
Completed BU-004 Real-time check of Dept & Subdept codes against MUD table for screens 2, 6, 36 00749   M.Dexter/D.Weingart
Canceled BU-005 Set FRS field, FT054, the same in new year as it appears in the old year. N/A    
Canceled BU-006 Interface with Lotus Domino forms & FRS. 01723   M.Dexter/M.Oatley


BU-007 Develop Focus database of records sent from bi-weekly CORE-CT Payroll Feeds to UCONN 04707   Ed Gromak
Completed BU-008 Field translation values for the field Functional Purpose, FS074, in Focus files/tables from DBD 04712   M.Dexter
Canceled BU-009 UL2CY Focexec - Fringe Benefits 04712 120/15/04 M.Dexter
Completed BU-010 Create monthly batch job to autopopulate FRS element FS19F with correct code for applicable SL accounts. 07712   C.McEvitt/MDexter
Completed BU-012 Furlough-rleated budget update changes to FBD010UC. 10002 8/11/09 M.Dexter
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Resolved By
Cancel - Do Manually CA-001 "As of " entries relating to project accounting (same as FX006)      
Completed CA-002 Ensure MUD table relationship carry over to FA & FX -Fix Assets needs to supply file updates N/A 8/23/01 C.B.McEvitt
Completed CA-003 Create Historical FRS focus files D9530F50 - F58 99725 8/31/00 D.Kolb
Completed CA-004 Add fixed asset fields TA505 & TA926 to the Fixed Assets snapshot taken at the end of the FY. 01716 6/14/01 D.Kolb
Completed CA-005 Create a new fixed assets screen to track space usage in the Fixed Assets module. Reopened to fix % totals. 02707 4/15/03 Reopened closed 3/31/05 M.Dexter/C.McEvitt
Completed CA-006 Create focexec to upload space data to the new fixed asset screen 5SS   12/23/03 C.McEvitt
Completed CA-007 Create snapshot of space data as of the fiscal yearend.   8/31/03 Wes Eaton
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Resolved By
Completed SYS-001 J9665M02 -spool report to ACTADM21 and discontinue printing 99097 8/12/99 J. Mandeville
Completed SYS-002 J9510R23 -Do not print job automatically, will request as adhoc & reduce copies to 1 when job is requested 99098 7/12/99 N. Hyer
Completed SYS-003 J9660R01 & J9671R01 -reduce copies to one -Eliminate prints of branch campus reports from main campus reports. N/A 10/1/98 UCC
Completed SYS-004 J9512M01 -spool to Actadm21 & discontinue printing 98613 7/1/99 J. Mandeville
Completed SYS-005 Modify trans screen 27 (927) to display full 20 char descrptn - see also FA-015 99179 09/15/01 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-006 have no dollar maximum. 99157 8/23/99 J.Clark
Completed SYS-007 Add the Data Collect Purge job to the monthly schedule with no printing. Test job = P9590M91 99095 9/17/99 J.Clark
Completed SYS-008 Create Focus direct DB2 access for FRS "Vendor/Document" Notes file and all other files. 00720 12/15/03 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-009 Discontinue printing J9510M21 & M22; spool jobs to Conadm02 99182 9/2/99 J. Clark
Completed SYS-010 Discontinue printing J9510R03, M01, M02; spool jobs to Conadm02 99183 9/8/99 J.Clark
Completed SYS-011 Provide assistance in evaluating the SCT/FRS laser check writing & on-demand check writing 99148   G. Cramer
Completed SYS-012 Screen 248 needs to display data for PI16A & PI16C when scrolling from invoice to invoice. 99518 7/12/99 G. Cramer
Completed SYS-013 Cleanup the Chk Rec. File VCFILE FBM091 only once 99165 11/29/01 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-014 Discontinue Printing J9672R11 at year end 99200 9/17/99 N. Hyer
Completed SYS-015 Spool J9651M01 to Conadm02 & discontinue printing 99014 10/14/99 N. Hyer
Completed SYS-016 Branch Campus Rpts-reduce to 1, omit GLSTOP & START parms, run FBM091 only once 99705    
Completed SYS-017 Reduce number of printed copies to 1 on J9655M01 99721 12/9/99 N. Hyer
Completed SYS-018 Reduce number of printed copies to 2 on J9650M02 99722 12/9/99 N. Hyer
Completed SYS-019 PGM FBM004UC- modify purging of FA transactions Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /export/www/sites/frs/frs/index.php(215) : eval()'d code on line 1 Mth end's purge date to allow FY opening trans one more month of availability. 99723 7/12/01 K. Avery
Completed SYS-020 Omit 'ZCTL' from FRS sign-on & bring user to FRS main sign on   2/7/00 J.Mandeville
Completed SYS-021 Process to trnsfr escheatment data to State for Banks 4 & 15.     N. Hyer
Completed SYS-022 Limit Access to ZFOC command to CMS Logon ID CWPUR4 & ACTADM23 and other pertinent computer center personnel 99731 12/27/99 C.Tomecko
Completed SYS-023 Stop print step 7 on J9660R01 & step 5 on J9660R50-57 701 2/1/00 J.Clark
Cancel SYS-024 Have FRSUOPT utility pull control cards from the Production (X) disk      
Completed SYS-025 Modify ProCard Interface prgrms to recognize trans for G&C, produce separate output, create FRS transactions to different GL account


4/26/00 N. Hyer
Completed SYS-026 Correct numbering of Bnk17 checks on the interface from FRS to Paybase N/A 3/17/00 C.McEvitt
Cancel SYS-027 Revamp the user friendly Focus Reporting Menu on the mainframe & Web enable the menu possibly thru WINJA software 00710    
Cancel SYS-028 Web enable the ACT39 00711    
Cancel SYS-029 Develop on-line bid printing capability 00712    
Completed SYS-030 Utility to receive batch files similar to 'ccrdupdt frsccard' 00716 5/21/01 N. Flynn
Cancel - Use Control-D SYS-031 Investigate different methods of data storage….eliminate microfiche 00714    
Completed SYS-032 User friendly Focus menu   5/1/02 CMcEvitt/DKolb
Completed SYS-033 Reduce the printed copy of J9590M01 to one 00717 3/20/00 J. Gineo
Completed SYS-034 Control-D Implementation      
Completed SYS-035 Travel Screens      
Completed SYS-036 Review the monthend schedule to improve efficiencies. 00724 11/28/02 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-037 Review the PROCOPY procedure for DBD edits and updates. 00725    
Completed SYS-038 Remove menu from F9530S95 00732 9/27/00 D. Kolb
Completed SYS-039 Review and clean up the mainframe check printing file so that only checks to be printed will be in the final output file. Omit any references to "voided" checks. 00733 9/23/01 T. Decristafano
Completed SYS-040 Need complete access to all historical voucher records. 00744   M. Dexter
Completed SYS-041 Need to allow screen 2Q0 to go to screen 202 when vendor searches are done 00747 11/29/01 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-042 Utility to receive option 4 batch files similar to the 'frssend frsbatch' utility   01/11/02 N. Flynn
Completed SYS-043 Modify J9555S01focexecs to compare FRS dept/subdept against MUD table dept/subdept's that have an 'ACTIVEYN' field value of 'A'. 01733 11/28/02 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-044 Correct J9568M01 so that it correctly updates purchase order header records for POs coded by line item. 01734 03/20/07 K. Avery
Completed SYS-045 Provide a 2nd reviewable session report that highlights batches that are opened and do not have approval ids equal to 9999, bbbb, or 2105. 01739 12/11/01 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-046 Need separate control cards and jobs to clear outstanding check list for each bank account, especially for the escheatment process. 02702 12/19/03 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-047 Create data files for the escheatment process that will be used to clear the outstanding check list of the checks escheated. 02704 12/19/03 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-048 Create Oracle database for new Paybase 32 checkwriting software. FTP check files from MVS to UITS Oracle database. Migrate PB32 to Oracle 03701 03/01/05 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-049 Research & test FRS to initiate use of EFT functionality. Create Production jobs that will produce files to be used by Bottomline's EFT & ERADS software. 03702 12/16/03 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-050 Create a batch e-mail processing via smtp program based on currently used technique in Financial Aid. Focus programs will produce a batch of emails combining data from FRS & Genesys. 05901    
Completed SYS-051 Modify the FRS jobs J9615S95 & J9615M06 to accommodate both the new and old Bank 17 account numbers. 03710 7/01/03 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-052 VBM092 Cash Requirements report needs to be placed in PRODUCTION. Run as one job with all banks including EFT. 03711 10/16/03 M. Dexter
Canceled SYS-053 New Procard reallocation system needs to be addressed. (security) 03714   M. Dexter
Completed SYS-054 Need programming to allow for the fields "function", "contact" & "phone#" to appear on screens 018, 019, 020, 021 & 022. 03716 01/05/04 M. Dexter/K.Avery
Completed SYS-056 New fields needed in the DBD and FOCUS for PI Home Dept, Core-CT Code, Payroll Id, Sponsor Name 04703 09/13/04 K. Avery
Completed SYS-057 Focus report for Dining Services reflecting info on department Purchase Orders.   04/22/04 C.McEvitt
Completed SYS-058 Move Future Order jobs & control cards from TEST to PRODUCTION. 04704 04/20/04 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-059 Bring shorter field descriptions in from the MUD table to FRS (FG054, FG052, FG048, FG050, FG056). 04705 08/31/04 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-060 Create new FRS test region for dual campus regions. 04701   K. Avery
Completed SYS-061 Create new departmental screen for online encumbering. Also, will need a yearend focus database of all open departmental encumbrances for review and re-encumbering in new year. Screen 11. 04722 08/17/07 K.Avery
Completed SYS-062 Cleanup FBX005 - working properly.   10/31/04 M. Dexter/C.McEvitt
Canceled SYS-063 Transaction code (01F) needed for Cost Share Accts 3,4,5 for InfoEd interface. 04716   K.Avery
Completed SYS-064 Clone jobs J9564R11 & J9564R02, add to Sunday schedule w/ Control Card using Sunday's date as selection criteria for vendor records to be displayed on PBR160 jobs. New Jobs: J9564R31 & J9564R32 runs on Sunday schedule. 04717 11/10/04 K.Avery
Completed SYS-065 Reinstate Bank 16 as a local account. Need batch jobs for the checks. 04716 12/01/04 M. Dexter/ K.Avery
Completed SYS-066 Inquiry only FRS screen clones   12/09/04 C.McEvitt
Completed SYS-067 Update PI Access data base with security codes.   10/26/06 J. Muskus
Completed SYS-068 Focus report for Physics department      
Completed SYS-069 Protect individual Focus fields 05701 02/01/05 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-071 DBD field for 4 digit tax id   04/01/05 M. Dexter / C.McEvitt
Completed SYS-072 Produce audit report of all vendor file updates entered via screens 103, 203, 204 & 205. Use ZBA120 and run on every FRS batch cycle. Output to Control-D only. 05708   K.Avery
Completed SYS-073 Research the meaning of the UC_BANK_STATUS in the Focus masterfile D9530R62.   07/26/05 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-074 Modify messages appearing in PROCARD reallocation program when no records are in need of reallocating. 05709   M. Dexter
Completed SYS-075 Programming for SARS jobs J1536R30 & J1536R31 to automatically pickup the correct fiscal year. 05714   J. Mandeville/D.Weingart
Completed SYS-077 D9530F14 & D9530F15 focus files need to be frozen at the end of December monthend for semi-annual financial reporting 06703 11/25/05 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-078 Batch email addresses to be changed from UCONNVM. 06704 12/05/05 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-079 Need to make PO number in the Focus master file D9530F35 an indexed field. 06707 12/05/05 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-076 Review audit file backup elements & process. Verify that Procedures contain an 'A' in the screenbuilder for each screen. 06702   K.Avery
Completed SYS-080 Payroll extract from MUD and FRS for data needed for special payroll workflow application. 06708 01/06 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-081 Programming needed for screen 2Ex & 2Vx payment screens. 06710   K.Avery/C.McEvitt
Completed SYS-082 Field needed for tracking facilities. Requested by Biotech center. Other depts will use field.   02/27/06 C. McEvitt
Completed SYS-083 Chng the FRS DBD programming to reject any GL/SL acct creates if the following fields are missing: Ex. Level (FG048, FS048), Dept (FG054, FS054), School (FG052, FS052), Subdept (FG056, FS056)   01/18/07 C. McEvitt/K.Avery
Completed SYS-084 Re-define the focus field, TRANS_AMT (FT056) in all Focus transaction master file descriptions to be P14.2C from P11.2C.     M.Dexter
Completed SYS-085

1. Audit Report of Ledger 5 Attribute Detail and Expense Summary for LY.

2. Audit Report for Detail Transactions on Ledger 5 Accounts.

  09/28/06 C. McEvitt
Completed SYS-087 Design ACCESS database for departments to get transaction data exported from the Budget Data Mart using BRIO and easily interfacing it.     J.Muskus
Completed SYS-088 Research the possibility of adding the "Adjustment" field found on screens 21 & 26 to screen 42. 07708   M. Dexter
Completed SYS-089 Add Budget Period End Date to Control-D report FBM090. 07710 10/22/07 K.Avery
Completed SYS-090 Review how J9555S01 works and modifiy it to report only the accounts with incorrect department/subdept combinations were all flags are 0 for the problem accts. 07711 5/16/07 M. Dexter
Completed SYS-091 Research possibility & technique for reviewing old encumbrances and mass closing of them. Also, create a new focus file of historical encumbrance records. Create a D95HSF16 encumbrance history file. 08806   K.Avery
Completed SYS-094 Program PO Print prgrm bypass PO types PS, MA, MB, MQ, OP, VR & TA. 08809 06/16/08 K.Avery
Completed SYS-095 Create D95XXF14 & D95XXF15 files for SLs that are deleted from FRS. Create nightly historical SL & GL databases containing all accounts that were ever in delete 2 status and were subsequently purged. Use D953XF15 (sls) & D953XF14 (gls). 09001   K.Avery
Completed SYS-096 Create a clone of job J9664M50 to run FBM955 transactions for old year when 2 fiscal years are open. Should be an Ad Hoc job. 09002 08/01/08 K.Avery
Completed SYS-097 Modify program FZQRY2 to remove VBS from screen 28 so that it will help Departments that are service centers. 09005 08/15/08 K.Avery
Canceled SYS-098 Add purchase order # to action/context line for any Fixed Asset screens with the po# in the body of the screen. Display PO# in both fields. 09004   K.Avery
Completed SYS-099 PROCARD export from JP Morgan Chase Bank- UConn to pull daily file via JP Mogan Chase Smart Data online system (SDOL) 09006 01/14/09 M.Dexter
Completed SYS-100 Create an extract file of information found on screen 880. Created J9515R01 - day job. 09007 02/13/09 K.Avery
Completed SYS-101 Duplicate Invoices 09003 06/10/09 M.Dexter
Completed SYS-102

Job J9649S01-Convtele program; Pinnacle interface of phone cards to FRS. Request to change D/C indicator for all transactions from "N" to "P" to allow for liquidation of department created encumbrances.

09008 12/03/08 M.Dexter
Completed SYS-103 Modify PBD010 Program to allow POF64 to update on screen 228 when invoices are fed in batch as final payments. 09010   K.Avery
Completed SYS-104 Add 2 new fields to screen 6, DBD, and Focus. Fields are Account_Owner_Code and Fund_Type. 09011 04/09 K.Avery
Completed SYS-105 Add 2 new data elements to ZSS Security screen 4: Loc_ID & Initials. Also, add more data elements to the VBS record screen 880 from operator security screens 4 & 12. 09013   K.Avery
Completed SYS-107 Modify the FBM090 & FBM091 programs to include the Sponsor name field in the report header next to "department". 10006 11/16/09 K.Avery
Canceled SYS-108 Develop 2P series of screens & document print programs for Personal Service Agreements 10008    
Canceled SYS-109 Develop 2T series of screens & Focus programs for use in online travel encumbrance processing & related payments to travelers. 10009    
Completed SYS-110 2V series of screens & Focus programs for online payment requests. 10010   K.Avery
Completed SYS-111 Add a step to the job that produces "UAPFRSP.FLEET1.D9615S80" that will email a notice stating that the "BOA cleared checks file has been created" 10007   M.Dexter
Completed SYS-112 Update screen 880 extract with new fields and place update job on Sunday schedule.   01/22/10 K.Avery
Completed SYS-113 Screen 882-clone of 880   02/05/10 K.Avery
Completed SYS-114 Add ID system for Hyperion Access 10201 07/22/2010 K.Avery
Completed SYS-115 New Hyperion Template that links 3 data sources 11003 08/03/10 J.Mandeville
Completed SYS-117 UITS PO Contract Expenditure Reports   12/17/10 C.McEvitt
Completed SYS-120 Pinnacle to FRS interface needs a program that provides a direct feed to FRS. 11011    
Status FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Completed TR-002 Travel Reports for use on Greenhouse     B.Gerber
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Resolved By
CLOSED FX-001 Need to process a mass disposal for equipment to be written off 99131    
Cancel - Control-D FX-002 Fixed Assets needs daily run of Purchase Orders - new job to be set up 99113    
Completed FX-003 Lengthen field FS158 on screen 008 N/A 3/10/99 C.B.Mcevitt
Completed FX-004 TBM200 & TBM210 need to be placed on monthly schedule & a separate job & control card is needed for TBM200 99518 9/2/99 J. Clark
Completed FX-005 J9637M01 -Discontinue printing 99099 8/12/99 J. Mandeville
Cancel - do manually FX-006 Old yr trans for proj accts are not automatically reflected in new year 99138    
Completed FX-007 As part of yr end run prgrm that undeletes old year fund grp 7 accts. 99137 7/1/99 J. Mandeville
CANCELLED FX-008 Improve, maintain & incrs availability for identifying usable SL /GL accts N/A    
Completed FX-009 VBM001/VBM094 CNB Check Reconcilliation & Reformatter for Bnks 16 & 17. 99180


G. Ceccarelli
Completed FX-010 Modify FXDASSTS focexec to run on quarterly basis N/A 7/19/99 C.B.Mcevitt
Completed FX-011 Set up jobs for TBD030, TBD040, TBM020 99136 7/20/99 J. Clark
Completed FX-012 Set up job and control card for TBM050 99181 12/2/99 J. Clark
Cancel - Control-D FX-013 Discontinue Printing of Jobs J9645M01 & M02 and spool to ACTADM19      
Canceled FX-014 Web-enable ACT39      
Canceled FX-015 ZBA120 ZSS/FRS job needs to be put on every sunday schedule to produce weekly production reports for screen 535     M. Dexter
Completed FX-016 Discontinue Printing of Job J9645M03 and spool to ACTADM19 00524 3/6/00 G. Ceccarelli
Completed FX-017 Revisions needed on Fixed Pending Assets focexec N/A 3/27/00 C.B.Mcevitt
CANCELED FX-018 Revise J9664M01 to print '3952' & 'Bond' funds on a separate page 00709    
Canceled FX-019 check reconcilliation      
Canceled FX-020 Add 'vendor number' field to the selection criteria for screen 114. 00723    
Completed FX-021 The Fixed Assets screens 503, 510-513 & 599 should not accept dates greater than the current date.


M. Dexter
Completed FX-022 Create focexecs to be used to by outside auditors that will give summary and detail data for expenses of specified project accounts. (See documentation)

C. McEvitt
Canceled FX-023 Cashflow reports for fixed assets project accounts.     C.McEvitt
Completed FX-024 Fixed Assets focexec for large attribute changes based on MUD table values.   5/11/03 C.McEvitt
Completed FX-025 Focexec to calculate future depreciation by FY and Fundsid. DPRTOT, DEPRBLD, DEPRBLDS, DEPRFNSD   2/16/04 C.McEvitt
Completed FX-026 Need job that will run the TBD005 program to drop fixed assets records 04710 10/19/04 K. Avery
Completed FX-029 Focus program to change all "Date Next Inventory" to be one year after the "Date Last Inventory" value.     C.McEvitt
Canceled FX-030 Disposal Depreciation 04721   K. Avery
Completed FX-031 Dollar record in FX_DIRECT_TRAN field of D9530F54 master is missing last digit 04726 3/22/04 M. Dexter
Completed FX-032 On screen 598 for pending asset ownership title (TA150) needs to be updated via the Purchasing feed to reflect the ownership title displayed on screen 006 for the FRS account number. 06705   M.Dexter
Canceled FX-033 ProCard reallocation program should deny the use of subcode 9$$$, except for the 9050-9068 range and any others we specify. 06712   M.Dexter
Completed FX-034 Program modification to screen 516 & others to allow updating of asset record's class code. Automatically populate remaining & useful life fields. 06713   K.Avery
Completed FX-035 Develop a focus program that will allow Fixed Assets to create a large number of capital project account numbers.   08/30/06 C.McEvitt
Completed FX-036 ACT-40 workflow project. 07717 08/06/08 M.Dexter/M.Oatley
Completed FX-035 ACT-40 Workflow Project - FX Data Collect 07717 09/21/07 K.Avery
Closed FX-037 Automate the FTPing of Inventory Assets to "Incircuit Dev. Corp." and create a focus program with multiple selection criteria for generating a subset of asset records to feed to "Incircuit". Needs to be updated on a daily basis. 08804   M.Dexter/K.Avery
Completed FX-038 Create a new field approximately 40 characters in length to be placed on screen 6 that will record additional info and notes on construction related accts. Screen 0PF - extra text. 08807 04/09 M.Dexter/K.Avery
Completed FX-039 Create PO archive files for D9530F32, D9530F34, D9530F35 & D9530F36 09012 07/22/09 M.Dexter
Completed FX-040 Provide a flat file of VBM093 monthly data. Need to include SL function, fund group and vendor name for each invoice. (Outstanding vouchers). 09017   M.Dexter
Completed FX-041 Need a new 1-digit field for Plant Funds called 'Payroll Reason' and a 1-digit field for OSP called 'Tuition Eligible'. 10015 02/09/2011 K.Avery
Completed FX-042 Chng the classcode on 22800 assets whose cost is <$5000 to classcode=095000 11005 10/27/2010 K.Avery
Completed FX-043 Zero-out unrecorded depreciation amts for specified assets. 11008   K.Avery
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Resolved By
Completed PU-001 J9568M01 -job is not updating security records completely 99518 9/1/99 N. Hyer
Completed PU-002 Run VBU040 regularly 98001 9/2/99 N. Hyer
Completed PU-003 Move 'E' values from 'Route code' field to 'Exempt' field on screen 221 99518 9/16/99 N. Hyer
Completed PU-004 Force all documents in PO module to FY00 99135 7/1/99 N. Hyer
Completed PU-005 Screen 251; place quote ref in place of vendor terms & remove change date and change number. N/A 4/15/99 C.B.McEvitt
Completed PU-006 Turn on REQ online print functions (screens 229, 259) 99040 8/31/00 N. Hyer
Cancel PU-007 Create PO fields and transfer prgrm for fax # (screens 221,251,271) 01737    
Completed PU-008 Batch file to put an 'I' in VN084 for vendors w/o an 'N' for vendor terms N/A 4/19/99 C.B.McEvitt
Completed PU-009 Print "NOTE: Invoices….." on PO copy. 99146 8/5/99 J. Clark
Completed PU-010 Screen 209 needs program modification so buyer info (POA72, lenght=3) can be input      
Completed PU-011 Modify program on scrn 203 to show all Z vendors (internal deliveries) 01738 2003  
Canceled PU-012 PO file link/ add PO type to screen 209- no room for more fields and there are no fields that can be removed fromt the screen.      
Completed PU-013 Need to have programming behind screen 203 to operate the way it did in version 2.0. N/A 4/15/99 SCT
Completed PU-014 Allow previous screen field (FRZ212) to be updatable. Screen 202. N/A 4/15/99 C.B.McEvitt
Completed PU-015 Scrn 227 needs to be modified to allow you to copy a PO to a 'Q' type order - system does not allow this. 01721 7/25/01 K. Avery
Completed PU-016 Redesign printed purchase orders & renewal notices 99147 6/12/00 J. Gineo
Completed PU-017 Allow "transfer date" on screen 417 to default to "current date" 01720 7/25/01 T. Decristafano
Completed PU-018 Modifiy the program behind screen 226 to disallow "D" prefix POs over $10,000 even with budget overrides.



10/16/01 K. Avery
Completed PU-019

Change Purchasing & AP addresses on all copies of PO and Bid docs as indicated in request.

00742 11/06/00 D. Kolb
Completed PU-020 Purchase order print program incorrectly handles line items with print line code=y for multiple consecutive items...overflows print area on document. 00748   K. Avery
Completed PU-021 Correct the display of credit values on the Grants & Contracts portion of the Procard Transaction Report. 01700 4/30/01 E. Gromak
Completed PU-022 Change Purchasing's address on the Request for Renewal form 01709 4/11/00 J. Marquis
Completed PU-023 Analysis of the DELL B2B integration project   7/25/01
M. Dexter
Completed PU-024 Add field POA46, invoice amount, to Renewal Form. 02700 3/07/02 M. Dexter
Completed PU-025 Revise FRS jobs J9565M03 & R04 to print all unprinted requistions, not just "ER" PO types. 02701   M. Dexter
Completed PU-026 Populate screen 25C with data from screen 251 once a requisition is created and printed. Screen 25C needs to recognize requisitions. It currently recognizes POs.



M. Dexter
Completed PU-027

PROCARD Reallocation program- develop alternative views of transactins needing reallocation: 1. All transactions sorted by description 2. Transaction containing selected description string.

04720 4/26/05 M. Dexter
Completed PU-029 EDI Purchase Order Extract (PBR115uc); electronic POs 05705   K.Avery
Completed PU-030 Increase the length of the vendor type field, VN066, from 2 to 3 spaces in both FRS & Focus & add VN19B. 06706 2/24/06 C.B.McEvitt
Completed PU-031 Tax exempt & billing instruction programming changes on Purchasing forms. 07703   M. Dexter
Canceled PU-032 PROCARD reallocation process needs indicator that lets user know that screen has been updated. 07704   M. Dexter
Completed PU-033 Programming needed to disallow trailering for POs or FOs without terms. 07709   K. Avery
Canceled PU-034 Programming needed to print the last 2 digits of the Buyer Code (POA72) on all PO and Requisitions.      
Completed PU-035 Add specified text to vendor copies of all Purchase Orders.   9/21/07 K. Avery
Completed PU-036 Corporate Express Flat file   12/31/07 C.McEvitt
Completed PU-37

Modify screen 230 to disallow incorrect dates: dates after current date and dates from prior time frame too old to make reuse.

Completed PU-38 Purchasing's WebPro system is being fed erroneous FRS accts. Delete a portion of the text on all vendor copies of a PO. 10005
Completed PU-39 Allow use of "B" prefix on PO screens (220's) & modify screen 226 to disallow "B" PO's for total values > $10,000.   01/22/10 K.Avery
Completed PU-040 Modify PO printed outpus as well as feed to EPO Sysem to mask frst 5 digits of Tax Id Field for individuals who are the vendors and whose SSN's are used as their Ttax ID. 11007 11/16/10 K.Avery
Completed PU-41 Correct electronic PO notes on PO copies 11012   K.Avery
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Resolved By
Completed SP-001 DBD Update of FS10H N/A 3/12/99 C.B.McEvitt
Canceled SP-002 PI Listing needs to be updated for valid values N/A 2/21/01 C.B.McEvitt
Completed SP-003 Revise FS19F to include 3 other values N/A 4/14/99 C.B.McEvitt
Cancel SP-004 Need Focexec that will accept/reject TV transactions before posting to FRS N/A    
Cancel SP-005 Enhance screen 36 - see BU-004 01703    
Completed SP-006 OSP screen edits   7/12/04 C.B.McEvitt
Completed SP-007 New account records need to be created with UConn created data elements. 03712 4/14/99 M. Dexter
Completed SP-008 Upload 600 new SL accounts via batch interfacing.  


Drop SP-009 Create an OSP monthend job to automate the posting of fund additions to the GL accts and indirect costs to the SL accts. 04713   M.Dexter
Completed SP-010 Create a focus program similar to the OSPSL Focexec that will be geared towards creating grad travel accounts and loading the budgets.  


Completed SP-011 InfoEd interface to FRS   12/23/2004 C.McEvitt
Canceled SP-012 Include FS278 field on the Account Setup program for OSP. (Tech Report Date)     C.McEvitt
Completed SP-013

Find an FS field, 12 in length, for OSP to track center affiliation

05715 9/28/05 C.McEvitt
Canceled SP-014 Re-write PFBM092C Focexec     C.McEvitt
Completed SP-015

Clear all data in the fields FG29J & FS262. The fields s/b blank.

  8/22/07 C.McEvitt
Completed SP-016 New fields needed to better track cost sharing data. 09016 12/14/09 K.Avery
Completed SP-017 Provide direct access to DB2 tables for OSP reporting needs-Read Only basis 10003   J. Loux
Completed SP-018 Need new 1-digit field, "E-Verify" for OSP compliance issue. 11010 03/30/11 K.Avery
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Completed CS-001 Design a freight billing interface with FRS   6/29/05 J. Muskus
Completed CS-002 Design a D.O.T gas billing interface with FRS   6/29/05 C.McEvitt
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Resolved By
Completed TR-001 1. Set delete flags on GL accts used for Travel Reim. 2. Match deleted flags to FRS vndrs & edit vndr address line to read "GL Delete nnnnnn (gl acct #)". 3. Provide report to L. LeBlance on activity. - Travel GL cleanup   12/28/04 C.B.McEvitt
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Resolved By
Completed   FRS to SARS escheatment process for banks 04/15 99121 4/14/99 N. Hyer
Completed SYS-034 FRS Control-D Report management 03548    
Completed SYS-035 Create logic to support customized voucher/encumbrance screens. 03549   M. Dexter
Completed SYS-032 Connect users more quickly to the FRS FOCUS environment and files - create user-friendly menu...application for infrequent users. 03550    
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Completed BDM001 Add Elements to Budget Datamart for OSP reporting. 08805 02/29/08 R.Holbrook/K.Avery
Completed BDM002 Add Dpt & Subdpt to Bdgt Datamart Ledger Header D Table. 08803   R.Holbrook/K.Avery
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Completed FAM-001 Add migration status and CSV export to Capital Project web report.   3/8/2007 J. Muskus
Completed HCM-002 FRS Chart of Accts to HCM 07714   K.Avery/C.McEvitt
Completed HCM-004 Identify G/C accts and insure that they have beginning & end dates. Create an email notice. 07716   M.Dexter/K.Avery
FS Service #
UCC Service #
Completion Date
Completed Gen-003 Produce a comparison of ee encumbrance balances for salary benefits between Genesys records and FRS encumbrance records   03/09/2010 K.Avery
Completed GEN-004 Change UCPEA dues deduction to .9% of gross salary plus $8.69 per member per pay period effective 8/27/10. SR11301   D. Weingart
Completed GEN-005 Research FBO Genesys fringe table and allow for subcode 1050 to be charged fringe SR11302    
Completed PS-001 Update PeopleSotf to FRS migration interface to include new batch Header to include the new batch reference (for RMRroom reeervation - RMRSVP   03/01/2010 C.McEvit
Complete KFS-001

Review DBD valid values, determine what they currently are online in FRs, drop unused values from DBD.




Canceled FAM-002 Famis-FRS Interface review and upgrade 11004   K.Avery & M.Dexter  

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