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Batch Reference Scheme

Batch Code Prefix   Source of Transactions in Batch
AIR AirGas Interface - Accounts Payable
AM AMS Payment - Bursar
AP Accounts Payable
AP3 Accounts Payable - Nancy Pufahl
AP4 Accounts Payable (voids) - Dorothy Koss
AP5 Accounts Payable - Terri Richard
AP6 Accounts Payable - Kristine Desrosiers
AP7 Accounts Payable - Kenneth Noren
APA Accounts Payable - Lindsey Bocon
APAPS Advanced Printing
APB Accounts Payable - Blanche Cerasoli
APC Accounts Payable (check cycle) - Beverly Dalpian
APD Accounts Payable - voucher cycle
APE Accounts Payable - Josie Nason
APG Accounts Payable - Joe McCann
APJ Accounts Payable - Jean Lepore
APK Accounts Payable (vendor setup) - Dorothy Koss
APM Accounts Payable - Mary McDougal
APR Accounts Payable (vendor setup) - Patricia Ames
APS Accounts Payable - Denise Hatch
BABLIB Babbidge Library Interface - Accounts Payable
BGT Budget Interface
BOAPAY Bursar Interface - Bank of America Paymode
BR Short-term Loans

Budget - budget transfer

BU Budget
BUR Bursar - Financial Aid Clearing Acct
CAI Campus Associates Interface - Accounts Payable
CBM Financial Systems Interface
CC Classified Collective Bargaining Budget Increase
CCIPCS Credit Card, In Person - Continuing Studies
CCIPBO Credit Card, In Person (or Phone) - Bursar's Office
CCSPPC Contiuing Studies PayPal Credit Cards
CCSSCS Credit Card, Self-Service - Continuing Studies
CCSSHC Credit Card, Self-Service - Health Center
CCSSMB Credit Card, Self-Service - MBA Program
CCSSEX Credit Card, Self-Service - Executive Education
CCSSBO Credit Card, Self-Service - Bursar's Office
CN Accounting/Plant Funds
CNA Brian Gore
CNB Rita Parciak
CNC Haili Li Lin
CND Deleted Batches
CNE Elaine Martin
CNF Stacy Sampson
CNG Lou Gaudet
CNH Lynn Hallarin
CNI Jin Cai
CNJ Suspense Transactions - Kara Dudas
CNK Kara Dudas
CNL Lynn Chapdelaine
CNM Plant Funds/Inventory Control
CNN Plant Funds/Inventory Control-students
CNO Kerry Doherty
CNP Annette Pavone
CNQ Accounting Offices - STUDENT
CNR Lori-Anne Hansen-Roy
CNS Li Sun
CNT Tammie Corioso
CNV Brian Vail
CNW Winnie Lunt
CNY Ann Jordan - Bursars Office
CONSRV Collections Agency Pyts for delinquent student accts
CP SARS Cash Receipts - Bursar
CR SARS Cash Receipts - Bursar
CS Central Stores charges from Inventory
CSG Central Stores credits on Grants
CSP Central Stores Parts Special Orders
CSS Cost Analysis Space Study
CTR Air Bill Clearing - TRAVEL
CU Unclassified Collective Bargaining Budget Increase
CW Central Stores-Shipping Chrgs/Table & Chair Rentals
DIN Dining Services
DLY Daily Campus Interface - Accounts Payable
ECHK01 Touchnet E-Check Payments
ECHK02 Touchnet E- Returned Check Payments
EN Payroll Encumbrance Batch Feeds
ERFD01 E-refund for Students
ERFD02 E-refund Reversal for Students
FAB Facility Maintenance billings to other departments - replaces TVFM
FAC Facilities - Utility Payments / Accounts Payable
FAR Requisiton batch fed from FAMIS to FRS
FEL Accounts Payable Fellowship Payments
FFX Fixed Assets Accounting Feed
FI Fischer Scientific - Accounts Payable
FXA Fixed Assets Feed
GA Wire Transfers
GC Sponsored Programs (Grants and Contracts)
GLDELT Reset flags on GL accounts
GLTRAV Travel Account modifications/deletions
HF Payroll Distribution - Professional, Unclassified
HG Payroll Distribution - Graduate Assistant
HH Payroll Distribution - Classified, Full-time
HI Payroll Distribution - Classified, Hourly
HJ Payroll Distribution - Student Labor
HK Payroll Distribution - Special Biweekly
HL Payroll Distribution - Workstudy
HUS Husky One Card - Accounts Payable
IA Budget Interface
ICC Indirect Costs
INV Inventory Control
LAW Law Library Interface - Accounts Payable
LB SARS Lockbox - Bursar
LOC Letter of Credit - Sponsored Programs
MA SARS Monthly Accrual - Bursar
MED Payroll Medical Payments
MIS Accounts Payable Miscellaneous Payments
MP Motor Pool
MPG Motor Pool Gas
MU Miscellaneous Utility Payments - Accounts Payable
MUD Mud Table (Master University Departments)
NCO Collections Agency Payments for delinquent student accounts
OH Overhead Indirect Costing - Sponsored Programs
PD SARS Payment Distribution - Bursar
PR Payroll Distribution (Old reference for Payroll-new references begin with 'H'; see above listing)
PROCRD Procard Transactions fed from Bank
PRO CY Procard Reallocation Transaction for Current Fiscal Yr
PRO PY Procard Reallocation Transactions for Prior Fiscal Yr
PRO952 Sponsored Programs Fund Additions
RFD Department Refunds - Accounts Payable
RFG, RFH, RFI, RFJ Office of Sponsored Programs
RLU Residential Life Utility Paymens - Accounts Payable
RMRSVP Room Reservation Deposits
SAO Student Activity Prepaid Vouchers
SER Accounts Payable Services Rendered Payments
SS Central Stores - Corporate Express Charges
STD Student Loans - Accounts Payable
TB Telecommunications - Phone Charges
TC Telecommunications - Phone Charges
TS Telecommunications - Phone Charges
TETE$ Electronic Check Payment
TM TMS Interface
TMP Accounts Payable Temporary Vendor Deletes
TR Travel Office Encumbrances and Charges
TR1 Travel Office -
TR2 Travel Office - Martin Dzenis
TR3 Travel Office - Gail Devereux
TUITCL Tuition Collections - Bursar Office
TV Transfer Voucher for Police, Law, etc.
TVB Biology
TVBS Biology Stockroom
TVC University Catering
TVCN Accounting Office
TVCT Info Tech Systems - Cellular Telephone
TVDS Dining Services
TVEQ Info Tech Systems - Cellular Phone Equipment
TVFM Facilities - Management
TVFP Facilities - Projects
TVG Motor Pool - Gas Charges
TVI UCMIT(Instructional Media and Technology) Charges
TVJN Dining Services - Jonathan's
TVL Parking & Transportation - Car Rental Charges
TVLS Locksmith Services
TVM Mail Room Charges
TVP Printing & Labeling
TVPK Parking Services
TVT Tech Services
TVWH Greater Hartford Business Support
UPS Athletics UPS Interface
UPW Upward Bound Refunds - Accounts Payable
VEN VENFAC Monthly Accrual - Bursar Accounts Receivable
XXX Purchasing/FA Feed Batch
YYY Purchasing/FA First Feed for Fiscal Year
ZZZ Vouchers fed from Purchasing to AP Module

Other Batch Combinations
All Numbers (nnnnnn)Procard Reallocations
Mixed Alpha/Numeric(nannna) Purchasng On-Line Encumbering/Vendor Changes
(1st digit is Buying Team number).
Mixed Alpha/Numeric(nnaaaa) SARS Banker Interface
Mixed Alpha/Numeric(aaaann) Cash Receipt Interface
Mixed Alpha/Numeric(annnnn) A1 followed by 4 digits - Budget Interface A1s

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