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Yearly Events - May

05/02 Mon
  • Receive PLFBM952 & PLFBM953 from OSP - sent to Conadm02. Complete a table option 1 and send to Scheduling.
  • Month end schedule begins at 7:30 pm
  • Refresh FRS Test with 5/1/ data.

Finance Systems - C. McEvitt / M.Virone

Osp-Tina Blatchley or Beverly Rutlege

UITS - Marie Dexter / Kathy Avery

05/03 Wed
  • J9637M02 - approve pending assets job.
  • Schedule J9645M01, J9645M02 & J9645M03 - Fixed Assets for programs TBM200 & TBM210.
  • Schedule J9619M01, 1099 initialization job - ccs by Dottie Koss (verify with Kathy Avery & Marie Dexter that archive jobs have completed)
  • Bank Reconcilliation control cards:
    • C9615M04
  • Schedule J9619M05

Finance Systems - C. McEvitt / M.Virone

Inventory Control - Dave Ferreira

Finance Systems - C. McEvitt / M.Virone

05/04 Wed
  • Bank reconcilliation jobs received from Bank of America. Transfer bank files to SP server.
  • Schedule J9615S80 & J9615S95 job reformatters. Day jobs.
  • Schedule reconcilliation jobs from FRSSCHED menu. Evening jobs.
Finance Systems - C. McEvitt
  • Change control card parameters on UATFRP.FRSTEST.CTLLIB for FRSMNTH1, FRSMNTH6, FRSFOCLY(do just before Part I is run), FRSYREND, FRSYRCL1 and FBY005 control cards. (Do in TSO). Refer to Excel table YRendcctest.xls found on the N-Drive under user McEvitt
  • Copy the PLFBM952 & PLFBM953 TABLES from PRODUCTION to TEST as part of the refresh.
  • Drop department created tuition fund encumbrances in TEST FRS.

Finance Systems - C. McEvitt
UITS/FRS - Kathy Avery



Finance Systems -
Bruce Gerber


05/10 Tues
  • Update normal May monthend Production control cards. Also include FRSYRCL1control cards to be updated in PRODUCTION. NOTE: C9666M02 FY parameter will not change until July of new year.

Finance Sys.-C. McEvitt / M.Virone



  • Request Budget files IA11US, IA11SS, ENCUMB, PLFBY005, and any ABR changes.
  • Encumb Data, IA11US Foctemp & IA11SS Foctemp files are sent to Finance Systems by Budget to be read into TEST. Encumb data nets personal services, fringe, workers comp to zero. IA11US gives descriptions and loads the University Supported future budgets. IA11SS gives descriptions and loads the Self-Supported future budgets. Files created from TEST data. Data used to create these files must come from TEST. The IA files contain the 2-digit NEW year in columns 91 & 92. The Encumb file contains the 2-digit OLD year in columns 91 & 92 in order to zero-out the encumbrances from the old year.
  • Test FBY005 (J9670S50, J9670S52, J9670S54*) against Production data in TEST. These jobs just carry forward the budgets and encumbrances from the prior year. Budget supplies Financial Systems with the control card parameters and the PLFBY005 Table to be used for Production.
  • Encumb Data, IA11US Foctemp & IA11SS Foctemp files are sent to UITS to be used for TEST after dates have been verified. Both files are copied to UATFRSP.CMSTRX.D9552S01(+1) to be used by T9650M01. Please see notes on the timing to these two files. Encumb data is run in T9650M01 as part of FRSYRPT1 and the IA11US data is run in T9650M01 as part of FRSYRPT2.
  • If BUDGET has not already done so, update PLFBY005 comment sections(*) that contain control card parameters for the J9670S50, S52 & S54 jobs. The PLFBY005 table is then sent to UITS.
  • PLFBY005 is received by UITS and is sent to MVS UATFRSP.FRSTEST.TABLES(PLFBY005) and will be used by T9512M01 when it is run as part of FRSYRPT1.


Budget - Mike Golden
Finance Systems - C. McEvitt
UITS/FRS - Kathy Avery

  • Tables & Flat files submitted by Budget need to be verified by Budget.
Finance Sys.-Carolyn McEvitt UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
  • Submit 5 FOCUS file registrations:
    • -3 for YTD transaction history files
    • -1 for the GL file
    • -1 for the SL file
UITS/FRS-Kathy Avery
  • Send note to FocusAdm to determine VM file access & request meeting

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter Financial Systems - CMcEvitt

  • FRS Screen updated with Yearend date information
Financial Systems - Bruce Gerber
During the running of FRSYRPT1, stop processing after T9670M01 has run. Wait for verification that accounts were created properly. Kathy Avery/Bruce Gerber

- Run jobs from FRSYRPT1 schedule in TEST system.

- Run jobs from FRSYRPT2 schedule in TEST system (after FRSYRPT1 is complete and verified).

UITS/FRS - Kathy Avery

- Verify that data is correct in the TEST system after Part I completes. Check the following:

  • FYs by checking the year on the first screen and then going to screen 881 and changing the FY back to the old year.
  • SL accounts & Grant accts exist by going to screen 006
  • Closing out of Personal Service encumbrances by viewing screen 21 for a specific account and making sure subcodes beginning with '1' have been zeroed out. Use acct# 292500.

- Update the following control cards before Part II runs: C9530S02, C9530S14, C9530S15, C9530S16, C9655S9A, C9655S15

Finance Sys.-Carolyn McEvitt Budget - Mike Golden



- FRS website updated with Yearend date information.

Financial Systems - CMcEvitt
05/19 Thurs
Prepare EOY archives that run in early September: -Submit 14 GDG file registrations for EOY archive -Update 4 EOY archive control members, migrate to production.
UITS/FRS - Kathy Avery
05/23 Mon

- Update PRODUCTION year-end control cards for FRSYRCL1, FRSYREND, FRSFOCLY, FRSYRCL2, & for FBY005 update: C9670M50, C9670M52, C9670M54, C9670M5A.

Financial Systems - CMcEvitt
05/29-5/30 Sun-Mon
- Memorial Day is 5/30. No jobs will run on Sunday due to the long weekend. PLUSSUN will run on Monday with the inclusion of job J9576M02, which normally runs on Sunday

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter / Kathy Avery Scheduling - Jill Stedman

UITS staffing needs to be checked for 5/29 (run Sunday schedule on Sunday and nothing on Monday?)


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