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Financial Systems

The Financial Records System, also known as FRS, is the accounting system used by the University of Connecticut to prepare accounting transactions, process accounting data and generate various accounting and financial reports. This system is administered by the Controller's office through the Financial Systems Office (FSO) and maintained by the University's Computer Center. Inquiries regarding the system should be directed to the Controller's office, specifically to Carolyn McEvitt: c.b.mcevitt@ uconn.edu (486-5887) or for security questions to Michael Virone: michael.c.virone@ uconn.edu (486-2412) - the Financial Record System administration team.
FRS, as it exists at UCONN, consists of four modules or components. These modules each have a specific function within the system. The modules and their functions are listed below. They are fully integrated to provide significant functional and technical advantages. Please click on any module for more information.
  • Financial Accounting (FA): Assists in the day-to-day management of financial activities through such functions as record-keeping, cash management, grant/contract management, budget & encumbrance control, institutional reporting and year-end processing.
  • Accounts Payable (AP): Manages the payment activity within the University. Provides the means for creating vouchers from invoices, producing & reconciling checks, and storing payment data that will be used by the FA module to update its ledgers. Maintains  Accounts Payable information on vendors.
  • Purchasing: Maintains Purchasing information on vendors. Within this module the user may also create, change, print and transfer such documents as purchase requisitions, purchase orders, master orders and future orders. Receiving information is also entered in this module as well as the posting of invoices.
  • Fixed Assets (FX): Aids managers in administering, accounting for and preserving the institution's investment in property, plant and equipment. The primary functions of this module include recording the value of plant assets, calculating & recording depreciation, fixing custodial responsibility for assets, providing current & accurate data to support resource allocation & budgeting, providing maintenance & insurance data.

Financial Systems Office
University of Connecticut
343 Mansfield Road,Budds Bldg RM 215A
U-Box 2112
Storrs CT, 06269-2112
(860) 486-5887

Please direct all website questions or comments to c.b.mcevitt@uconn.edu


The University of Connecticut
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