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Yearly Events - June & beginning of July

06/01 Wed
Data element template 2345 changed to allow access to "Start" and "End" date fields requested by Purchasing. Fields = POA42 & POA44. Finance Systems - C.McEvitt/M.Virone
  • Receive PLFBM952 & PLFBM953 from OSP - sent to Conadm03 and moved to Conadm02. Complete a table option 1 and send to Scheduling.
  • Month end schedule begins at 7:30 pm

Finance Systems - Michael Virone
OSP- Beverly Rutlege or Tina Blatchley

UITS - Marie Dexter

06/02 Thurs

  • Schedule J9645M01, J9645M02 & J9645M03 - Fixed Assets for programs TBM200 & TBM210.
  • Schedule J9619M05 job - Dottie Koss
  • Bank Reconcilliation control cards:
    • C9615M04
Finance Systems - Michael Virone/Dave Ferreira
06/03 Fri or 06/06 Mon
  • Bank reconcilliation jobs received from Bank of America. Transfer bank files to SP server.
  • Schedule J9615S80 & J9615S95 job reformatters. Day jobs.
  • Schedule reconcilliation jobs from FRSSCHED menu. Evening jobs.

Finance Systems - Mike Virone

06/15 Wed

Payroll activity is done in the following order and includes:
1. Posting payroll (UITS checks)
2. Posting worker's comp (Acctng)
3. Sending encumbrance flat file for personal services, fiscal & project accounts (Budget). See specifics below.

  • Verify last check cycle of Fiscal Year has been processed prior to excluding Payroll Files. Pay period 26's check date is 6/17/11. Last feed of charges for pay period 26 should be 6/14.
  • Turn off the FRS acceptance of payroll feeds to eliminate the possibility of loading a feed for the new year into the old year.
  • Edit and migrate DEV.CTLLIB(F9650M01), J9650M01 (Data Collect) will now exclude the following files: Personal Services (payroll) encumbrances for FY12 for non-project accounts to FRS from GENESYS:

GENESYS-Payroll Budget Transaction File: FILE27 INCLUDE=NO

GENESYS-Payroll Encumbrance Transaction File: FILE28 INCLUDE=NO

GENESYS-Payroll Distribution Interface File: FILE16 INCLUDE=NO

  • Accounting posts Worker's Comp to FRS via flatfile (depends on when Personal Services are posted).
  • Personal Services Encumbrances, Fringe, Worker's Comp are netted to 0 by a flat file (Encumb Foctemp). Flat file sent to Scheduling via FRSSEND FRSBATCH up until 1:00 p.m. This is done the day after Accounting posts Worker's comp to FRS. File will have old FY in columns 91 & 92 of header record.

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter







Accounting -Kara Palozie

Budget - Mike Golden
Finance Sys. -Carolyn McEvitt

06/20 Mon
  • Update normal CY month end parameter files (EOM report dates) and submit an FRSOPT request to Scheduling for migration. These control cards are found under FRSMNTH2 of which FRSMNTH6 is a subset. NOTE: C9666M02 FY parameter does not change until July of the new FY.

Finance Sys. -Carolyn McEvitt/M.Virone



06/22 Wed

  • Last day for GSE changes until new fiscal year opens.
  • Remind Nancy Patrylak about undeletes that are needed for last future order jobs.
  • Verify if PROCARD still gets turned off after the 6/23 posting date has been fed to FRS. If so, Nancy Patrylak will determine when.
  • Remind users that once the new year opens the LY focus files now contain data for FY 12 and that they need to use 11 focus files for retrieving FY 11 data.

Finance Sys. -Carolyn McEvitt

  • Send a reminder note to FRS3-L concerning June deadlines, batch file submissions and other important June activity dates. Batch file deadline = 11:00 a.m. on 6/30. NOTE: PO invoices posted and Reviewable Batches may post right up to 6:00 deadline.
  • Review open departmental created encumbrances for FY accounts (2-ledgers). Use OCFDOLE FOCEXEC for the report. Drop them using screen 11.

Finance Sys. -Carolyn McEvitt



06/23 Thurs
  • PO Undeletes need to be done before Future Order jobs run.
  • Send an email to Mitch Saba asking him to extend the FAMIS FRS kron to 1:00 pm on July 1st only. It normally runs at 9:30 pm, M-F, but Famis interfaces will probably run later after the 9:30 scripts:
    mod_data.sh & pushData_ctrl.sh

Purchasing - Nancy Patrylak

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

06/24 Fri
  • Purchasing notifies Finance Systems when PROCARD transactions should to be excluded from Data Collect. Nancy will base this on an FBD010 report from Control-D showing June's ProCard transactions.
    After the ProCard file with the posting date of 6/23 is processed, the ProCard file can be turned off in Data Collect (J9650M01). Edit and migrate DEV.CTLLIB(F9650M01) to exclude the following file:
    Contact Scheduling to ask them to start running P9551E12 in place of J9551S12. This is done so that records from MasterCard after the statement date will not be sent to the ProCard FOCUS database for reallocation in the old Fiscal Year. P9551E12 will run until after the new Fiscal Year opens. The records will be saved for input after FRSYRPT1 completes.
  • Send a note to Scheduling for 7/1 asking them to add a dependency to J9570S51, J9570S52, J9570S53, J9570S54, J9570 S55 (FAMIS) so they run after the end of FRSYRPT2. The FAMIS interfaces cannot be run until after we create the current year FOCUS shadow files.
  • Disallow use of 0E1 screen. Replace with the message screen 0EM.
  • Last morning to post automatic TV's (transfer vouchers) for FY 11. Any fixes to FY11 after 6/24 will need to be done online on 6/27or 6/29 as the automatic process will be shutoff on 6/26. The automatic process will be turned back on between parts I and II and those TVs held will appear in FY12. NOT DONE FOR '08.
  • Remove J9576M02 from Sunday nite schedule (select, purge, archive documents). This job usually runs the Sunday before new year opens, but needs to be removed for FY11 and placed on 6/28 so that Nancy's undeletes are not deleted.

Purchasing - Nancy Patrylak


UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter


Finance Systems - Carolyn McEvitt


UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

06/27 Mon
Check FBD010 to verify stoppage of ProCard batches with reference='PROCRD'.,
the 'PRO CY" reference.


Finance Systems - Carolyn McEvitt

06/28 Tues
Include J9576M02 on nightly schedule.

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
06/28 Thurs


UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
06/29 Wed
  • First payroll files for new fiscal year are processed in Genysys, but not fed into FRS.
  • Determine control card parameters for pre-month end check cycle (C9605M05, C9605M45, C9605M55, C9605M6A, C9605M6K, C9605M6P). This will be the last daily cycle for the checks.
    PYTHRU =6/30 DSCNT = 6/19
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
06/30 Thurs
  • Send data collect Payroll files to Budget7, Person12 and Jim Hall. Files are to be reviewed by BUDGET (Kelly).
  • Last day to physically print checks in Accounts Payable.
  • No control cards for checks.
  • Reminder to verify that PLFBY005 has been PROCOPIED and Encumb Foctemp has been processed before FRSYRPT1 is started (Encumb was done on 6/16) .

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

Accounts Payable - Joe McCann

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

  • FBY005 posts carryover encumbrances and associated budgets from old FY to new FY. Carolyn sends the file to UITS. UITS places the file in TEST (UATFRSP.FRSTEST.TABLES(PLFBY005)) and runs T9512M01 to verify syntax. After Finance System validates the results, UITS copies the file to DEV.TABLES and requests that Scheduling PROCOPY it to PRO.TABLES where it will be used as input for J9670S50, J9670S52 & J9670S54 in FRSYRPT1. These jobs create Payroll carryover encumbrances and associated budget transactions for the new fiscal year, which will go into FRS when the FA Data Collect is run in the first part of FRSYRPT2. Note: A preliminary file was tested when FRSYRPT1 was run in TEST earlier.
  • Send Final reminder note to FRS3-L concerning June deadlines, batch file submissions and other important June activity dates. Use FRS3-L & Budds-L listservs.
  • Remind Carolyn/Mike to update PO number counter after Part II.
  • Receive PLFBM952 & PLFBM953 from OSP - sent to Conadm02. Complete a table option 1 and send to Scheduling.

Budget - Mike Golden
Finance Systems- Carolyn McEvitt

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

Scheduling - Jill Stedman

Finance Systems- Carolyn McEvitt

Office of Sponsored Prgms - Tina Blatchley
Finance Sys. -M.Virone

  • FRS unavailable at 6:00pm to begin batch processing for June month end and new fiscal year open. The year end process runs from 6:05 pm on 6/30 through NOON on 7/31.
  • Begin PART I of Year End Schedule, FRSYRPT1. This year end schedule begins at 6:05, after CICS comes down. FBY001 (J9670M01) and FBY002 (J9670M02) rolls the current FY to 12, FY11 becomes the last FY, project accounts are carried forward to FY12 from FY11. FOCUS shadow files are changed to reflect the New Year, FY11 data is moved to the D95LYFxx files, FY12 data is moved to the D9530Fxx files. Note: when prior year projects are opened and adjusted, the amounts will not be carried forward.
  • Remind SCHEDULING that reports need to be decollated to Control-D when FRS PART I is completed (only if NOT run during last 3 days of June (If YE is before 6/28).
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

- FRS will be unavailable until noon to complete the year end batch processing. FRS will operate in LY and CY from now until LY closes in August.

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
- Note from 2000: In the FRSYRPT1 schedule: removed dependency of J1900M06 on J9670S99. J1900M06 was delayed until 9:00 on 6/30/99 when GENESYS was online, causing locks in the DB2 tables.
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
- Send a note to scheduling to Scheduling to NOT RUN J9651M12 & J9508Q02, at end of FRSYRPT1 in the morning to keep FRS unavailable.

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

Scheduling - Jill Stedman

  - Scheduling will notify the FRS team when Part I has completed.
Scheduling - Jill Stedman

- Migrate several PROCOPYs after FRSYRPT1 completes.

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

NOTE: SCHEDULING must place jobs listed on the NIGHTLY schedule on hold to eliminate the possibilty of wrong jobs being released during the year end cycle.

Scheduling - Jill Stedman

06/30 Thurs & 7/1 Fri

  • If this is a Wednesday of payweek, hold P1918R01, P1991M20, and J1100M10 jobs (1st Genesys cycle of the Fiscal Year) until after FRSYRPT2 finishes. Verify that encumbrances were processed by FRS prior to releasing these jobs.
  • Edit F9650M01to turn off all interface files except CMSTRX. When J9650M01 runs at the beginning of FRSYRPT2 only selected files (ABR budget changes (if any)) be processed
  • Copy the ABR interface to a CMSTRX file for input into Data Collect:
    Note: there were no ABR transactions for FY12 processing.
  • Have Scheduling run FRSYRPT2 verifying that it will stop after the first set of Data Collect jobs (ending with J9650M03) completes. Only the first 5 jobs will be run.

    Load new budgets for accounts with ABR changes into Data Collect in the beginning of FRSYRPT2. Note: If needed this year.

  • Verify that the ABR budgets were updated correctly (if any).
  • Update CY parameter files: FRSFOCCY and submit PROCOPY request to scheduling for migration. FRSFOCCY (C9530S02, S14, S15, S16) should be set to the new FY....Update to new fiscal year.
  • Update other control cards (C9655S9A, C9655S15 and C9662R17).
  • FRSYRPT2 will stop after the first data collect jobs (J9650M03).

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter/



UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter








Finance Sys. -Carolyn McEvitt


- Edit DEV.JOBLIB(P9551S12) to add the PROCARD interfaces that were stopped by P9551E12.

- Ask Scheduling to run P9551S12. Procard reallocation will be loaded with this data. Run J9551S12 instead of P9551E12, this afternoon, when the Mastercard data arrives.

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

  • Update LY parameter file: FRSY15LY and submit a PROCOPY request to Scheduling for migration. FRSY15LY (C9655S9A & C9655S15) should be set to fiscal year ended. Do with the IA budgets. Note: This migration should happen after FRSYRPT1 and before FRSYRPT2. PROCOPY F9650M01 after FRSYRPT1 and before FRSYRPT2.
  • Check Part I output on Control-D: FBM010 batch files, PLFBM952 & PLFBM953 output, FBM092 & FBM061 data.

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

Scheduling - Jill Stedman

Finance Sys. -C. McEvitt


  • Request that Scheduling PROCOPY F9650M01 to Production and that the job, J9650M01 (in FRSYRPT2), be rescheduled to pick up the changes made above. If the job was already placed in the schedule queue, it will contain prior values from F9650M01 and the above files will not be included in this run. Note: This migration should happen after FRSYRPT1 and before FRSYRPT2.
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
Scheduling - Jill Stedman
  • Update the current year and prior year parameters in J9556F08 EXEC on the E-disk for the ProCard Reallocation extracts (&CY/&PY).

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

- NOTE: Scheduling must place jobs in the daily schedule on hold to eliminate the possibililty of wrong jobs being released during the year end cycle.
Scheduling - Jill Stedman
- The FRS TEAM will notify Scheduling when PART II (FRSYRPT2) of the schedule can begin.
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

- Begin PART II of Year End Schedule, FRSYRPT2 :

Scheduling - Jill Stedman
When the 6/30 schedule has been built, after J9520S01 (deallocation of CICS files) has been completed, after J9509Q02 at end of FRSYRPT1 completes, and after F9650M01, IA*** Data, and required control cards are copied to Production.

- FBY110 (J9513M32) sets LY security access to CY; change users as requested.

-After the completion of J9650M03 and before J9650M11 in FRSYRPT2 migrate the following:

  • F9650M01
  • All university and non-project self-supporting budgets are loaded by a flat file copied from VM (IA*** DATA) to MVS (UAPFRSP.CMSTRX.D955201)via the FRSSEND Utility. Call Scheduling to pick them up before starting Part II. Note: This migration should happen after FRSYRPT1 and before FRSYRPT2.PROCOPY F9650M01 after FRSYRPT1 and before FRSYRPT2.

- Edit and use DEV.CTLLIB(F9650M01), J9650M11 (Data Collect) to Include non-payroll files that were turned off, including:

-PRFEED2-Encumb feed from Purchasing File ('YYY' batches): File10 INCLUDE=YES

-PROCARD-Procard transaction file: FILE29 INCLUDE=YES

-* LOTUSTV - Online Transfer Voucher file: FILE47 INCLUDE=YES DSN=UAPFRSP.LOTUSTV.D9556S21 NOT DONE IN '08.

-Migrate F9650M01

-After the migration is verified J9650M11 has to be reloaded and started.

Finance Sys. -Carolyn McEvitt




Budget - Mike Golden
Finance Systems- C. McEvitt
UITS-Marie Dexter


UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

- When FRSYRPT2 completes, allocate S410 region to bring FRSPLUS online with DADS.

- Send a note to Scheduling to remind them that some FRS jobs are going to run twice in the same day (in FRSYRPT2 and in the nightly batch schedule). They will have to go into Control-D to manually decollate the second set of reports.

- Once the July 1st Part 2 reports have been decollated, please contact Nancy Patrylak for her to review them on Control-D. Nancy should be looking for the following:

FBD010 FA FL MNT R2 07/01/09 2765 143311 V, 001, Decollated

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter



Finance Systems - C.McEvitt

- CICS files can be allocated after J9509Q02 in FRSYRPT2 completes. This should be coordinated with Bruce Gerber so he can be the first to log onto the region to reset the following using screen 310:
Scheduling - Jill Stedman
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

**Next PO No 310000 (1st digit=last digit of FY followed by 10000)

Finance Systems - C.McEvitt

**FA Batch reference: XXX 001 used by PBD050 in J9560M01


**FA Batch Reference: YYY 001 used by PBD050 in J9560M01

**FA Batch Reference: ZZZ 001 used by PBD080 in J9560M10

**Next Commit: 0001

**Next Expend: 0001

**Next Transfer: 7800

- Release POs after budgets have been loaded & BUDGET gives approval of FBD010 report of results of 'YYY' batches being fed.
Purchasing - Nancy Patrylak
  - Request that Scheduling run the FAMIS jobs: J9570S51, J9570S52, J9570S53, J9570S54 and J9570S55. Once jobs have completed, ask Mitch Saba to run FAMISFRS/mod_data.sh (Kron followed by Pushdata_ctrl.sh Kron. Kron mod_data.sh adds carriage control characters to the data and normally runs at 9:30 a.m. Mon-Fr). Kron pushData_ctrl.sh transmits the newly created FAMIS files to FAMIS.
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
  - Request that Scheduling adds the following batch schedules From this point until LY is closed:
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

FRSLYMON should be scheduled with PLUSMON
FRSLYSUN should be scheduled with PLUSSUN
FRSLYMNT should be scheduled with PLUSMNTH for July month-end only
FRSMNAUG should be scheduled with PLUSMNTH for August month-end only

The jobs in the LY schedules update FOCUS shadow files that contain data from the old fiscal year.
The August schedule creates reports and creates year-end archive tapes.

Also request that data collect files (FBD010, VBD010, PBD010, TBD010) are printed and sent to Michael Virone.





Finance Sys. - Micheal Virone

JULY MONTH END - J9655M91, J9671R20, J9672R30, J9531S14, J9531S15, J9531S16, J9531S03

-Ensure/confirm all FOCUS files can be accessed thru F9530S98 & F9530S99

UITS/FRS - Connie Tomecko

Finance Sys. - Carolyn McEvitt

Student Financials to FRS interfaces thru the following dates will be for FY 11:
  Payment Apps on 6/30


Lan Guglietta


Lan Guglietta

Lockbox transmission received on 6/30 & control card change (C9550M01) - contains Work of 6/30 that will go to the old year. J9550M01 is the batch interface job for SARS.

Student Financial batches posted thru 6/30

  -Student Financials yearend freeze: J1623M21, 6/30 Lan Guglietta
  -Student Financials accrual run: J1623R23, 6/30 Lan Guglietta
  -Student Financials control card updates Lan Guglietta
  -Reminder to Fixed Assets & Inventory Control that 2 years are opened and will need to give Financial Systems the batch & date ranges for J9631R10.
Finance Sys. - Carolyn McEvitt
- Resume printing Student Financials student checks (Memo Bank 01) memo 7/3
Tanya Osuba/Kelly Shedd
- FRS control card update from 7/1, C9550M01 (J9550M01) for SARS batches (UAPSARS.CTLLIB: FISCYR=11) Lan Guglietta
07/01 Fri

-Check cycle control cards through "7/4" and run on 7/3, Sunday, distribute checks on 7/5, Tuesday.

Fin. Sys. -Carolyn McEvitt/Michael Virone
- Data Element template 2345 changed to prohibit access to "START" and "END" date FRS fields (POA42 & POA44).
Fin. Sys. -Carolyn McEvitt

-Reminder to Accounting & Sponsored Prgrms of the moritorium on setting GL delete flags in CY until 8/28. Note: If GL is undeleted in PY then must be re-deleted.

Finance Sys. - Carolyn McEvitt
  -Ask Mitch Saba to run his FAMIS script to reformat and FTP the FAMIS interfaces if J9570S51, J9570S52, J9570S53, J9570S54 & J9570S55 finish after 10:00 a.m. to verify that the FAMIS interfaces were transmitted to FAMIS from glue. UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
07/03 Sun Run PLUSSUN (nothing will run on Monday).  
07/05 Tues

-Start running the focexec FLY_F30 weekly or more frequently to update the project account balances in the current year and send the batch through overnite. The final batch is submitted one week after the old year closes.

Finance Systems - Michael Virone


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