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Yearly Events - July

EARLY July for year open is found on the JUNE calendar.
07/01 Fri

- PLUSFRI - start at 5:00 pm. and normal check run. Check cycle control cards with Paythru date = "7/4" and run on 7/3, Sunday. Distribute checks on 7/5, Tuesday.
-Reminder to Accounting & Sponsored Prgrms of the moritorium on setting GL delete flags in CY until 8/28. Note: If GL is undeleted in PY then must be re-deleted.
- Data Element template 2345 changed to prohibit access to "START" and "END" date FRS fields (POA42 & POA44).
-Ask Mitch Saba to run his FAMIS script to reformat and FTP the FAMIS interfaces if J9570S51-S55 finish after 10:00 a.m.
-Update other control cards (C9655S9A, C9655Z15 and C9662R17).
PYTHRU =7/4 DSCNT = 6/21

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

Finance Systems - C.McEvitt


UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter/Kathy Avery

Accounts Payable - Joe McCann

07/03 Sun FRS available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Regular Sunday batch schedule to be run - Run PLUSSUN (nothing will run on Monday)..Check & ACH batches will be included for distribution on Tuesday, 7/5. UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter/Kathy Avery
07/04 Mon Due to July 4th holiday there will be no schedule. FRS available online.  
07/05 Tue

- Edit and use DEV.CTLLIB(F9650M01), J9650M01 (Data Collect) to Include Payroll files that were turned off if Budget give approval to turn back on, including:

GENESYS- Payroll Distribution Interface File: FILE16 INCLUDE=YES

GENESYS-Payroll Budget Transaction File: FILE27 INCLUDE=YES

GENESYS- Payroll Encumbrance Transaction File: FILE28 INCLUDE=YES

- Ask FOCUSADM (Connie & Mike) to add the file definitions for the previous LY file to the F9530S98, F9530S99 & CONCAT+. In 2008 D9507Fxx files needed to be set up as well as the construct for the D9507F09 tran file.

-Start running the focexec FLY_F30 weekly or more frequently to update the project account balances in the current year and send the batch through overnite. The final batch is submitted one week after the old year closes.

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter/Kathy Avery





UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter/Kathy AveryFinance Sys. - Carolyn McEvitt


Finance Systems - Bruce Gerber

07/06 Wed

  • Bank Reconcilliation control cards:
    • C9615M04
  • Bank reconcilliation jobs received from FLEET. Transfer bank files to SP server.
  • Schedule J9615S80 & J9615S95 job reformatters. Day jobs.
  • Schedule reconcilliation jobs from FRSSCHED menu. Evening jobs.
  • Schedule J9619M05 job for Sunday - Dottie Koss

Finance Systems - Carolyn McEvitt

07/13 Wed
  • Budget uses screen 007 to change the descriptions on Budget object codes 7034 & 7079.
  • Schedule J9645M01, J9645M02 & J9645M03 - Fixed Assets for programs TBM200 & TBM210.

Budget - Mike Golden

Finance Systems - Dave Ferreira

Early July
  • Update 'Events' calendar in the VM Calendar to post the processing dates for FRS month ends to be process over the next fiscal year. NOTE: If the first business day of the month falls on Monday-Thursday, monthend is processed on the first business nite of the month. If the first business day of the month is Friday, monthend is processed on the second business nite of the month.

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter



07/21 Thurs
UITS/FRS-Kathy Avery


07/22 Fri
  • Update normal CY month end control cards (FRSMNTH2) in PRODUCTION.
  • Check FRSYRCL1 control cards....these should have been updated in June for TEST & PRODUCTION.
  • Ask FIXED ASSETS which accounts they would like the delete flags setback to '1'. This includes SL & GL accounts that represent campus projects for which history needs to be maintained.
  • Run DELETEGL Focexec in Production & Test to find any Gls whose delete flags in LY=0 and are now 1 or 2 in CY. Give Brian Vail the results.
  • In preparation for TEST system in FY open, remind Accounting (Kara, Lynn) & Accounts Payable (Josie, Terri) to cleanup Reviewable Sessions in PRODUCTION before copying the data to TEST.

Fin. Sys - Michael Virone

Finance Sys - Carolyn McEvitt Fixed Assets - Robin Hoagland

Finance Sys - Michael Virone

Finance Sys - Carolyn McEvitt

07/25 Mon
  • Schedule DRS job J9612S10
  • Purge old POs by running J9576M10, purgedate=06302009 (increase year by 1 each year). Purge Key = 0.
  • Check status of delete flags between LY and CY with SQL and FOCUS. Look for instances of CY=1 or 2 and LY=0 in the GL table. This would cause FBY003 to abend on 8/19. Give Carolyn the search results.

UCC/FRS - Kathy Avery

Fin Sys - Carolyn McEvitt

07/26 Tues
  • Purge inactive Future Orders by running J9576M19, purgedate=06302009 (increase year by 1 each year). Purge Key = 9.
  • After J9576M10/J9576M19 run(s), look for orphan POs. Use UATFRSP.FRS.SQL(LOOKFO) to verify that there are orphans. Schedule P9500S44 to run during the day to remove orphans.
Fin Sys - Carolyn McEvitt
07/27 Wed
  • Verify that there are no LY reviewable sessions unprocessed in TEST. If OY batches are not processed, they will stop the close of the old FY.
  • FRSTEST refreshed with data from 7/24/11
  • Upload Pending Assets; CIP2CAP
  • FRSTEST FOCUS Shadow files recreated.

UCC/FRS - Kathy Avery
Fin. Systems -Carolyn McEvitt

FixedAssets - Annette Pavone

UCC/FRS - Kathy Avery

07/29 Fri -Upload Pending Assets; CAPFEED
- Confirm with Carolyn which month end LY jobs should be scheduled.
FixedAssets - Annette Pavone
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
  - Notify Scheduling of required LY month end jobs and their dependencies. Send the FRSMTHLY schedule from FRSDOC to Scheduling.
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
  • Run DELETEGL Focexec in Production & Test to find any Gls whose delete flags in LY=0 and are now 1 or 2 in CY. Give Brian Vail the results.
  • Run FLY_F30 for Project Accounts
Finance Sys. -Michael Virone
  • Deny access to multiple fiscal years to those users that were given this capability when both FY were opened.
  • Email to Meg and Kara concerning Reviewable Sessions and Suspense in Production Old Year.

Finance Sys.-Michael Virone


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