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Yearly Events - January

01/01 SAT
  • Let morning jobs run to bring FRS up (J9651M12 & J9508Q02)
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
01/02 SUN

Run regular Sunday schedule; include the PO archive jobs. Delaying Month end until 1/4 per Acctng request.

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
01/03 MON
  • Run regular PLUSMON batch jobs (Note: checks & EFT payments will be generated).
  • Add Student Activities files from AP

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

Financial Systems - C.McEvitt

01/04 TUES
  • Receive PLFBM952 & PLFBM953 Tables from OSP-sent to Conadm02. Complete a table option 1 and send to Scheduling.
  • Run FRS December month-end (PLUSMNTH) at its normal 7:30 time.
  • Run Job J9682M12 to copy focus files D9530F13, D9530F14 & D9530F15 from December monthend.


Financial Systems - C.McEvitt/M.Virone; OSP-Beverly Rutledge

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

01/05 WED
  • Update Bank Reconcilliation Control Cards (FRSBNKS EXEC & FRSBNKS OPTION on Conadm02). C9615M1B, C9615M04, C9615M4B, C9615M06, C9615M6B & C9615M2B. Transfer bank files to SP server.
  • Schedule J9615S80 & J9615S95 job reformatters. Day jobs.
  • Schedule reconciliation jobs from FRSSCHED menu. Evening jobs.
  • Schedule J9619M06 (1099), Option = D -create reports, no print for AP
  • Schedule depreciation jobs J945M01, J9645M02 & J9645M03 - Fixed Assets for programs TBM200 & TBM210.

Financial Systems - C.McEvitt/M.Virone




Inventory Control - D.Ferreira,McEvitt/MVirone


J9619M15 (1099), Option = R

Financial Systems - C.McEvitt/M.Virone


J9619M15 (1099), Option = A

Financial Systems - C.McEvitt/M.Virone

J9619M20 (1099) Editonly=Y. sort=T

Financial Systems - C.McEvitt/M.Virone

01/18 TUES
  • J9619M20 (1099) Editonly=N. sort=A
  • Update Monthend control cards for January.
  • Prepare March events calendar.

Financial Systems - C.McEvitt/M.Virone

01/16 SUN

No Checks/ACH on the Sunday night schedule due to Martin Luther King Day - AP offfice is closed. Jobs to be removed are: J9605M02, M03, M04, M05, M62, M63, M64, M65 - Bank 20 will be left on the schedule since no checks are cut for it.

UITS/FRS - MDexter/KAvery


01/17 MON
AP offfice is closed. Regular Monday schedule including checks and ACH jobs. UITS/FRS - MDexter/KAvery
01/24 or 1/25 MON / TUES

J9619S25 (1099 print job) - scheduled during the day.

UITS/FRS - MDexter/KAvery

Financial Systems - Carolyn McEvitt

01/30 SUN Add PO archive jobs to Sunday schedule. UITS/FRS - MDexter/KAvery

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