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Obtaining Access to FRS

Step One...

In order to obtain access to FRS, you must first establish a CMS Mainframe Account. The account application may be found at: http://uits.accounts.uconn.edu/forms/mfadminform.html

Questions may be directed to UITS-Help center 860-486-4357.

Step Two...

Once you have a CMS mainframe account, you should submit a "Request for Access to FRS" form, with the required approvals, to the Finance Systems Office, U-2074. To get this form, click HERE or call the FRS System Administration Team at 486-3778 or 486-5887.

Step Three...

The Finance Systems Office will communicate to the Computer Center instructions required to link your CMS mainframe account to FRS and provide FOCUS FRS database access (if requested by you).

Step Four...

Finance Systems will create an FRS operator number and password for you. You will be sent this information, along with a basic instruction manual. More detailed instructions are provide in this web site's FRS manual or in hard copy requested from the Accounting Department (486-2937).

FRS Password

The FRS operator password assigned to you is for your use only. You should not share this password with anyone. FRS does not require you to periodically change your password, but it is a good idea to do this routinely. You can do this using screen PWC in FRS.

Please note: This is not your CMS password! You only use this password if you have multiple operator numbers under the same CMS_ID or if you share a CMS_ID with another user, but have separate operator numbers. If you do not know what an operator number is, chances are that you are set up with automatic logon and this password change utility DOES NOT apply to you.

CMS Password

Your CMS Login ID password must be changed every 30 days. The system will give you a few days notice of the upcoming expiration of your current password. Once it has expired, you will be advised when you log onto the mainframe via CMS or when you access FRS directly through the CICS region. You can also change your password HERE.

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