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Most Frequently Used Screens


Screen Description
FSM: Initial Menu - Also known as the "Welcome Screen" and is the first screen the majority of users are brought to when they first log onto FRS. It contains contact information, location of the FRS website, menu screens for FRS modules, and important upcoming FRS events.

Financial Accounting Inquiry menu. Lists the accounting screens that fiscal managers will find useful in monitoring their FRS accounts. The screens are grouped in the following manner: Attribute or Descriptive screens, Budget & Transaction screens, Encumbrance screens and Home screens. Each group and the screens they contain are described below.




The following screens are available to all users regardless of their security access. They are informative screens only and do not contain sensitive financial information.

FS2: Shows the attributes of a 6-digit General Ledger account. Attributes shown include account description, responsible person, department, security code, freeze and delete flags.
FS5: Shows the attributes of a 6-digit General Ledger account that is considered a grant or contract.
FS6: Shows the attributes of a 6-digit Subsidiary Ledger account. Attributes shown include account description, responsible person, department, security code, freeze and delete flags.
FS8: Shows the reporting attributes of a 6-digit Subsidiary Ledger account, including the cost share accounts, effort percentage and PI cost share.
FS9: This screen is used to create, view, or change grant and/or contract information for a 6-digit Subsidiary Ledger Account.



The following screens are restricted based on a user's security access. The screens contain sensitive financial data for GL and SL accounts belonging to specific departments within the University.

018: Lists General Ledger assets, liabilities, fund balances. Also includes memo information on budgets, actual revenues and expenditures for Subsidiary Ledger accounts mapping to the general ledger account.
040: For a 10-digit General Ledger, shows beginning balance, current month activity, and current balance with comparative information from the prior year for the specified account control.
019: For a Subsidiary Ledger account, shows total budget, actual expenditures and revenues, encumbrances, and budget balance available by subcode.
041: For a 10-digit Subsidiary Ledger account, displays detailed dollar information on budgets, expenditure, and encumbrances for a specified subcode. The screen also shows comparative data from prior months and years as well as the ABR flag status for the specified subcode. An ABR flag of 0 indicates that the subcode is line-itemed budgeted; an ABR with a numeric value indicates that the subcode receives money from the pool indicated by the ABR rule number.
022: Shows Subsidiary Ledger budget data by subcode. Original budget equals the Permanent budget amount carried forward from the prior year. This screen does not show the adjustments that occur to the pool when dollars are reallocated to the subcodes that draw from the pool.
023: Provides transaction information for the current and previous month. To determine which Finance Department posted each transactions, use the Batch Reference Scheme. The date displayed on this screen is NOT necessarily the date that your account was affected by the transaction. Use Screen 027 for the actual date posted.
027: Transaction Inquiry screen. This screen may be viewed in two ways: 1. "AS IS" by just typing in an account number and hitting ENTER or 2. User inputs selection criteria for a specified account. Screen 027 is actually the better of the two transaction screens for obtaining the actual date a transaction affected an account.
020: Lists open commitments (outstanding encumbrances) for a specific 10 digit account. This screen shows initial balance, liquidated amounts, adjustments, and the current balance.
021: Like Screen 20, but lists open commitments for all subcodes of a 6 digit account.
026: Displays information on open commitments based on the P.O. number, which should be entered in the reference field.
029: For an SL account, shows current month activity, current fiscal year activity, and project activity to the beginning of this fiscal year. This screen breaks down the actual amounts of revenue and expenses in more detail then screen 19.
042: Lists detailed descriptive and amount information for a specific open commitment record.
044: Lists the ABR rules (Automatic Budget Reallocation).
045: Lists the Chart of Accounts Rules
046: Global Subcode Edit Rules
881: Allows user to set fiscal year for inquiry purposes.

Screen Description
1QM: Accounts Payable module Main Inquiry Menu.
102: Vendor Name Search - in the vendor field, type in the vendor's name and the screen will show the vendor's address and number. Use the vendor number to access screens 113 and 118.
103: Vendor create/modify - use this screen to add, view or change a vendor. Also, use this screen to freeze or reactivate a vendor or to stop all payments to a vendor.
113: Vendor Analysis - using the vendor number in the vendor field, you can view the P.O.'s which have been paid, pay date, and additional information.
115: Outstanding Vouchers for a particular vendor - using the vendor number in the vendor field, you can view the vouchers that are outstanding.
118: Duplicate Invoice File List - using the vendor number, this screen lists purchase orders (invoices) that have already been paid and their pay dates.
140: Voucher Snapshot(Part 1) - use this screen to view all amount, account, flag and batch information on a specific voucher.

Screen Description
2QQ: Purchasing module Main Inquiry Menu.
220: Displays a Purchase Order header. This includes vendor, purchasing buyer, dates, and departmental information.
221: Shows the contract start and end date, and the department deliver to name and address.
224: Displays a line item on a Purchase Order. This includes quantity and unit price information.
228: Displays line items on a Purchase Order.
239: Purchase Order receiving report line deletion.
247: Invoice Diagnostic Scan. This screen is used to determine if a trailered invoice meets tolerance and matching criteria defined for a Purchase Order type.
248: Invoice line item list. This provides information concerning the invoice and FRS batch number on which the invoice was processed.
249: Invoice line inquiry. This provides additional information used in conjunction with Screen 248.
250: Requisition Header Maintenance. Details header information on a Purchase requisition.

Screen Description
5QQ: Fixed Assets Main Inquiry Menu.
5AI: Approved Asset Inquiry Menu.
508: Asset Notes.
523: Approved Asset Transaction Menu.
529: Asset Query List.
531: Approved Asset Snapshot.
5SS: Space Survey Data.

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