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Yearly Events - August

July month end begins at 7:30 pm
Night Schedule
  • Refresh FRS Test with Production dat
  • Adhoc Schedule J9637M02 (TBC511, Mass Approval) with control card option C9637M02, TEST=Y for CIP2CAP & CAPFEED only, preliminary check for user.
Fixed Assets - Annette Pavone
Fin.Sys - Carolyn McEvitt
  • Run DELETEGL Focexec in Production & Test to find any Gls whose delete flags in LY=0 and are now 1 or 2 in CY. Give Robin Hoagland and Lynn Chapdelaine the results.
  • Communicate GL delete flag problems and request that users do not change delete flags from now until year close. Any delete flag discrepancies need to be put to 0 in both current & prior fiscal years. Those with delete flags of '2' will need to be set to 0 by UITS (P95005Q1) and all others can be set by Accounting. These flags need to be reset to '1' after the year end close.
  • Schedule J9637M02 Mass Approval (TBC511) - not in Test mode (TEST=N).
  • Bank Reconciliation control cards:
    • C9615M04


Fin. Systems -Michael Virone




Fixed Assets - Annette Pavone

Fin. Systems -Michael Virone

  • Bank reconciliation jobs received from Bank of America. Transfer bank files to SP server.
  • Schedule J9615S80 & J9615S95 job reformatters. Day jobs.
  • Schedule reconciliation jobs from FRSSCHED menu. Evening jobs.
  • Schedule J9619M05 for AP

Finance Systems - Michael Virone

Fin. Systems -Michael Virone


08/08 Schedule J9641M01 Mass Componentization (TBM400 - no control card). Fin. Systems -Carolyn McEvitt
  • Adhoc schedule J9645M01 (TBM200) with control card option C9645M01 YR=P, J9645M03 (TBM200) with control option C9645M03 YR=C, J9645M02(TBM210) with control card option C9645M02 with YR=B. These jobs run after all final closing entries have been made.
Fin. Systems - Michael Virone /
Fixed Assets- Dave Ferreira
  • Run SQL queries (REVSESDL & SUSPENSE) to identify open Reviewable Sessions and suspense accounts that are not cleared and give results to Financial Systems for their review. YRCLOSE jobs cannot be run until these are cleared out.
  • NOTE: Jobs J9631M01 (TBD020-Daily Schedule) & J9631R10 (TBD025-Yrclose schedule) have their corresponding control cards updated. These are the jobs that do the final feed of Fixed Assets and reconciliation to FRS. J9631M01 runs before the year closes while J9631R10 runs right after it closes.
  • Screen 590 - verify that FY has increments by 1...should now show current FY
  • Change "Next Assigned" for Approved Assets on screen 590.

UITS/FRS - Kathy Avery


Fin. Systems -Carolyn McEvitt

08/15 Mon

  • Run DELETEGL Focexec in Production
  • Run jobs from YRCLOSE schedule in test system. YRCLOSE schedule will close old FY .
  • Verify that GL balances have been moved over.

Fin. Systems - Michael Virone

UITS/FRS - Kathy Avery
Fin. Systems -Carolyn McEvitt

08/16 Tues

Update control cards for fixed assets jobs: J9633R01, J9634R01 & J9634R02. The output will only be on Control-D.
Fin. Systems -Carolyn McEvitt

08/18 Thurs

Send note to FRS users asking them not to enter data collect or external batch FA transactions for the old FY on 8/18. This will eliminate the possibility of abends due to outstanding suspense entries during the execution of FBY003 on 8/26. Closing batch interfaces should be fed through by 8/30. All closing online entries should be done by the 30th. Financial Systems - Carolyn McEvitt
  • Plant Funds needs to verify that all assets have valid MUD table attributes. Any discrepancies need to be corrected before the year end extract of the Fixed Asset History is created.
  • Ensure that no further MUD table changes or DBD edits/updates will take place until the Old Year is closed out (send email to Reka Wrynn for MUD table).

Inventory Control - Elaine Martin

Financial Systems - Carolyn McEvitt FixedAssets-Annette Pavone


UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter

Remind Cost Analysis about the following:

  • Prepare for the FIXED ASSET History data extract
  • Prepare for the SPACE STUDY History data extract
  • Execute the F9530S59 Focexec for the Fixed Asset and Space Study data extract and download to a CD. Give disk to Accounting.

Financial Systems - Carolyn McEvitt

Accounting - Lori-Ann Hansen-Roy

  • Put notice on FSM screen .
Fin.Systems - M.Virone
  • Request Scheduling to stop running daily LY jobs after closing. This applies to both the M-Thrs, Sunday and Month-end schedules. Schedules: FRSLYSUN, FRSLYMON & FRSLYMTH.
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
  • Ensure that the fixed asset table: FRS_FX_FEED_TB is at a size that will allow data from J9645M02 to feed without abending.
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
All online closing entries should be DONE!!! Shutoff occurs 3 days before close. Accting Dept - Charlie Eaton/BVail
  • Final run for DELETEGL FOCEXEC
  • Run SQL queries (REVSESDL & SUSPENSE) to identify open Reviewable Sessions and suspense accounts that are not cleared and give results to Financial Systems for their review. YRCLOSE jobs cannot be run until these are cleared out.
Finance Systems/Micheal Virone
UITS/ Kathy Avery
  • NOTE: Before running FBY003 (J9670M04) all outstanding suspense entries for LY must be resolved. Check suspense account numbers 013000 (regular) and 013010 (salary) on screen 018 to verify balances are zero, and FBD016 report to verify that there are no new or old suspense records left for the old FY.
  • There should be no instances where GL delete flags in CY equal 1 or 2 when it was 0 in the prior year.
  • Remind Scheduling to load print missions for YRClose Schedule (Control-D)

Fin. Systems -Carolyn McEvitt


Fin. Systems/Bruce, AP/Glenda. Acctng/Randy

UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter / Fin. Systems -Carolyn McEvitt UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter/Kathy Avery


  • Close the old fiscal year, run YRCLOSE instead of FRSMON.
  • Put a manual hold on schedule following J9650M03 job. Let Scheduling know that this hold is not to be released until notified by Marie or Kathy.
  • Send reminder out that Fiscal Year closing will begin at 7:30 p.m.

Night Schedule

UITS/FRS -Scheduling/Jill/Bill UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter/Carolyn McEvitt

Fin. Systems -Carolyn McEvitt & Bruce Gerber

  • J9550M01 will run tonight. This job creates FRS update transactions (cash receipts & student checks) from SARS/VENFAC. SARS is still up while the nightly FRS schedule is running early, this job has to wait for SARS to come down to access its files.
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
  • When YRCLOSE occurs before a monthend, take FRSMNAUG off the PLUSMNTH schedule for the September monthend. The FRSMNAUG is an independent schedule that can run anytime. This schedule is for the TBD030, TBD040, TBM020 & TBM400 programs (Fixed Assets).
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
  • Revise focexecs F9530S98 and F9530S99 and set up focexec and masters for D95XXF14, F15, F4A, F4B, F4C
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
  • Adjust FRS schedule to accommodate the Financial Aid & Loan awards. Notify Accounts Payable when this is being done so that they will understand check dates that are printed.
Fin. Systems/Carolyn
  • Create Vendor/voucher focus files for the closed FY after the vendor/voucher archives are done.
UITS/FRS - Marie Dexter
Ensure that FRSMNAUG does NOT run with September's PLUSMNTH.
UITS/FRS - Kathy Avery
  Update X-File Focus files for the closed FY after the GL/SL archives have run. JCL may be found in UATFRSP.FRSTEST.JOBLIB(T953XS14) and UATFRSP.FRSTES.JOBLIB(T953XS15).  
  - Ask FOCUSADM (Connie) to add the file definitions for the previous LY file to the F9530S98, F9530S99 & CONCAT+. In 2008 D9507Fxx files needed to be set up as well as the construct for the D9507F09 tran file. Finance Systems - Carolyn McEvitt

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