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FRS Access Request Form

This form is used to request inquiry access to the FRS system.

Enter the information on the person who is requesting an Operator Number. The CMS Account is the mainframe account that will be used to get access to FRS.

The value based security records govern which accounts a person has access to. If there are no restrictions, an asterisk should be placed in the box. Masks may also be used to Allow access to a range of numbers.

For example:

Department = 216** would allow access to all departments from 21600 through 21699.

Please note that for access beyond a single department, the Dean or Director to whom those departments report must sign the request.

For access beyond a single school or unit, the Vice President to whom these schools or units report must sign the request.

If you need to specify access that cannot be noted in the value-based security, describe your request as completely as possible in the special request area (or attached memo).

When this form has been completed with the required signatures, please send it to Carolyn B. McEvitt, U-Box 2074 for final approval and processing.

The requester will receive a form with logon information as soon as the FRS access has been established.

If you have any questions on completing this form, please contact Carolyn McEvitt at 486-5887 or Bruce Gerber at 486-3778.


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