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Office of the Controller - Finance Systems Office (FSO)
Overview - September 17, 2007

Primary Responsibilities:
Administer the University's Financial Records System (FRS):

  • Security - create operator access records with appropriate screen and data access.
    • Request mainframe account access to FRS through UITS.
    • Request FOCUS file data restrictions from UITS.
    • Maintain security record details via Access database and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Online System:
    • Ensure availability during University business hours and weekends.
    • Modify or create data entry, menu, and inquiry screens.
    • Provide formal training and help desk support for University faculty, staff and other employees.
    • Maintain website (www.frs.uconn.edu) with user manuals and other pertinent system information.
  • Batch Processing:
    • Ensure batch-processing programs are run with proper parameters and on schedule.
    • Review output from batch jobs for anomalies. Make available to appropriate staff, either on paper or electronically via Control-D. Mail month-end and year-end financial statements to departments.
    • Set up and train administrative users to transmit batch data files directly to UITS Scheduling Office, and update control card parameters for their batch jobs.
  • Report Writing and Programming:
    • Administer FOCUS access to FRS data files and provide training to administrative and departmental users. Users may write and/or run their own programs, or take advantage of a menu-driven FOCUS reporting system developed by the FSO.
    • Write reports for departments on an ad hoc basis to provide necessary financial data. Provide output in spreadsheet, document, or e-mail formats.
    • Use FOCUS to review integrity of data and provide analysis of data file condition.
    • Use FOCUS to develop batch interfaces into FRS that create/update accounting records, vendor records, payment vouchers, plant fund building and equipment asset records, and space usage information.
    • Use FOCUS to develop batch interfaces into FRS that create/update accounting records, vendor records, payment vouchers, plant fund building and equipment asset records, and space usage information.
    • Develop Excel spreadsheets and macros for departments' use in voucher requests. Use FOCUS to convert this data into FRS Accounts Payable batch files. Accounts Payable utility payments streamlined by use of Excel spreadsheets, mainframe translation tables, and FOCUS (in development).
    • Use FOCUS and UITS provided programming to e-mail account status reports to principal investigators (in development).
    • Monthly FRS report distribution to Principle Investigators on their account activity and balances.
  • FRS Data Base Dictionary (DBD) and Table Maintenance:
    • Tables include Chart of Accounts, Global Subcode Edit Table, ABR (Automatic Budget Reallocation) Rules, and Account Control and Subcode descriptions.
  • FRS Enhancements and Repairs:
    • Promote the creative use of FRS and FOCUS to achieve efficiency improvements in University business and accounting processes.
    • Test and implement enhancements and fixes provided by FRS vendor SunGard.
    • Develop new FRS screens and modify existing screens per user department service requests.
    • Prioritize and implement service requests from administrative users of FRS.
  • Team with UITS to support FRS:
    • Two full-time programmers devoted to programming and implementation support needed to accomplish all of the above. Meet regularly to establish priorities and plan implementation of system modifications and enhancements.
    • Routine support from UITS Scheduling Office to run batch schedules as required, add or remove jobs as requested, receive data files for input into batch processing, and support production and access to paper and electronic output via Control-D.
    • Part-time programming support for FOCUS menu-driven reporting system.
  • Develop interfaces with FRS from University departments and external vendors and state agencies:
    • Current internal interfaces exist from:
      • Payroll/Human Resources: Genesys-fed wage and benefit budget, encumbrance and payroll disbursement transactions.
      • Motor Pool: Fleet Management System vehicle repair charges, and gas pump charges.
      • Telecommunications: phone use charges from Pinnacle System.
      • Institutional Research/Financial Planning: Master University Department (MUD)Table.
      • Central Stores: Material Management System charges for supply and repair material sales to departments, departmental shipping via common carrier and small parcel delivery services, and table and chair rentals.
      • Mail Services: postage charges for department mailings
      • SARS (Student Accounts Receivable System): student and customer accounts receivables, cashier and lockbox receipts, and payment distributions transactions.
      • Bursar's Office: payment vouchers for reimbursing the student financial aid clearing account.
      • Payroll Office: payment vouchers for health insurance providers.
      • Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts: voucher requests for ticket refunds.
      • Athletics: voucher requests for ticket and deposit refunds.
      • Residential Life: room deposit refund voucher requests, and voucher requests for approved utility bills from housing units.
      • Campus Associates
      • Fellowship Payments
      • Husky Card 1
      • United Parcel Service for Athletics payments.
      • Daily Campus
      • Services Rendered
      • FRS to Accounts Payable: files required to generate checks on Bottomline Laser Checkwriting Software, and in the near future electronic fund transfers.
      • Babbidge and Law School Libraries: feed of vouchers for payment of library materials invoices.
      • Dining Services: feed of vouchers from Food Pro system for payment of food and supplies invoices.
      • Parking and Transportation: feed of car rental and parking garage charges.
      • Office of Sponsored Programs: feed of account creation data from the InfoEd system, currently being implemented.
    • Internal interfaces currently being developed:
    • External vendors interfaces:
      • Corporate Express Office Supply purchases - data file to generate interdepartmental charges that move money into Central Stores' inventory account; Corporate Express is paid from that account once/month.
      • UConn COOP - data file to generate interdepartmental charges that move money into Accounts Payable's clearing account; the COOP is paid weekly.
      • Fisher Scientific - data file to automate voucher and check creation for University's laboratory supply purchases.
      • Advanced Printing Services - data file to automate voucher and check creation for University's stationery and business card purchases.
      • Bank of America - check fraud avoidance (Positive Pay) file transmissions to Fleet, and check reconciliation files from Bank of America..
    • Data file transmissions:
      • Bank of America - see above.
      • Internal Revenue Service - 1042, 1098 and 1099 form transmissions.
      • Connecticut Department of Revenue Services - offset vendor records.

Mainframe Access Support:

  • Help user departments set up mainframe accounts for use with FOCUS and Control-D.
  • Provide training in use of mainframe's operating system, CMS.
  • Provide training in use of mainframe's Control-D utility.
  • Guide departments in setup and use of mainframe printers.
  • Change passwords for Controller's and Procurement's mainframe users.

Bottomline Checkwriting System - oversee implementation, operation and maintenance of laser checkwriting, electronic fund transfer (in development), and e-mail remittance (in development) software.

FASER Energy/Utility Reporting Software - on behalf of Architectural & Engineering Office, oversee data entered from utility invoices and reporting provided to the University's energy manager. Also provide some data to the Financial Planning and Budget Office.

  • The software is no longer being vendor-maintained (was purchased from Enron).
  • Currently plan to discontinue use of this software and provide energy reporting using voucher data entered into Accounts Payable module, linked with account and meter records to be recorded in the Fixed Assets module.





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