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Uploading to the Mainframe

To upload a file, first make sure that your mainframe session is opened only to a READY prompt; No other mainframe application can be opened while doing file transfers. Next, you must choose the Send file to Host from the Transfer Menu. You should see a window similar to the one shown below. The important fields are as follows:

Scheme: The scheme should be set to CMS_Text for most uploads.
Local File Name: This is the file on your local machine you would like to upload. You can click the small folder icon to browse your files.
Host File Name: This is what your file will be named once it has been uploaded. Format- [FILENAME][FILTYPE][LOCATION] (Use A for location)

If the data you are uploading is Fixed Record Length Data, you must click Options and indicate the fixed record length, otherwise you are finished and can click Send. The Transfer List will show you the status of your transfer.

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