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Printing - Print Screen

There are two different methods of printing from the mainframe that are covered here. The first is printing on what is called a mainframe printer using the PRINT command. This method is used for printing an entire document that spans more than one screen. You will need to set up Printer Tags before you can issue this command effectively. To acquire printer tags, you must first make sure the printer you are trying to use is Networked, meaning it is connected via an ethernet cable to a data jack on the wall. Contact the University Help Desk if you need assistance with this.

The second method of printing is used for printing a single mainframe screen. You will not need printer tags for this. You can print any one screen by clicking on the file menu and choosing Print, as you would in any other windows application. You can also use the print icon on the toolbar as shown below. (Asssuming you are using windows.)

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